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Phentermine Alternatives Review 2022: Over the Counter Phentermine 37.5 mg Weight Loss Before and After Results



Phentermine alternative

If you have ever searched for weight loss supplements, you must be aware of the medication named Phentermine. Earlier in the 1950s, Phentermine had been prescribed by doctors for low-calorie diets and weight loss. Though it is quite a popular name in the weight loss industry and has many generic forms, the medication has no over the counter alternatives. Because of its association with weight loss, it has been a closely regulated and researched compound. In this article, we will shed some light on what actually is phentermine and will also suggest some of the potent safe alternatives of Phentermine. Checkout Best OTC Phentermine Alternative Pills

Fitness is the most sought after the thing that is related to our health and overall well-being. We all have set certain fitness goals for us for which we always try hard to achieve. Whether it is achieving general health and wellness, or the quest of losing extra weight, we are all looking for some extra tips to burn more calories, eat less, and have better lean muscle tone. Among all the fitness goals, the most troubled one is losing excess body weight, which is closely linked to the extra fat present in the body. The more fat stored in the body means you have to put more effort to lose it.

Losing weight is the toughest and highly challenging process, especially considering all the factors of a hectic lifestyle, hormonal issues, ageing etc. Also, you have to put in a consistent effort to get good results. However, remaining unhealthy and overweight is surely not an option, as trimming the body fat is the only way to enjoy a healthy life along with many other benefits. Many of us who are struggling to lose weight usually gave up in the middle of the weight loss journey due to the borings the same routine with no results. For this, there is a solution in weight loss supplements that are a safe and effective way to accelerate your weight loss journey with the correct diet and exercise routine. If you are not getting your desired results with a calorie deficit diet and workout, then certainly adding weight loss supplements in your routine could be a great way to get in better shape and better results.

If you have ever searched for weight loss supplements, you must be aware of the medication named Adipex P (Phentermine). Earlier in the 1950s, Phentermine had been prescribed by doctors for a low-calorie diet and weight loss. Though it is quite a popular name in the weight loss industry and has many generic forms, the medication has no over the counter alternatives. Because of its association with weight loss, it has been a closely regulated and researched compound. In this article, we will shed some light on what actually is phentermine and will also suggest some of the potent safe alternatives of Phentermine.

Know About Phentermine?

Phentermine is a class of drug that is meant to control appetite and increase metabolism. Phentermine is similar to amphetamine. This drug has been prescribed for decades for people who are highly obese and have serious health issues due to obesity. However, because of the extreme side effects, Phentermine was only limited to use only with a prescription. Other than doctor’s prescriptions, there are no safe or legal over the counter alternatives.

Phentermine is known to work by stimulating the central nervous system (i.e. nerves and brain), which increases your heart rate and blood pressure and decreases your appetite. This drug is used along with diet and exercise as a treatment of obesity, especially in people with high-risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. However, there were side effects associated with Phentermine that include heart palpitations, nausea, and hypertension. Some of the severe side effects include psychological effects, and heart and lung diseases. Also, it was avoided due to the extremely high risk of addiction.

Keeping in view all these adverse effects, we would not recommend trying to find anything that specifically described as Phentermine. While this class of drug is considered risky even with doctor’s prescription, the risks will be multiplied if you try your hands on it without medical supervision. Not only the use of Phentermine will be risky for health, but it can also put you in legal trouble, as it is considered illegal without a prescription. The best way is to search for the natural and safe alternatives of Phentermine.

Natural and Safe Over the Counter Phentermine Alternatives

Instead of looking for over the counter Phentermine with some other brand names, we would recommend to take all-natural, safe and legal supplement as a Phentermine alternative. In this post, we will review the best options that you can take to enhance your weight loss journey as a safe Phentermine alternatives. All the products mentioned below are well-researched and reputed weight loss supplements. These suggested names are safe appetite suppressants and natural metabolism boosters that have natural ingredients in their formulations, which marks them safe and all-organic Phentermine alternatives. Not only these suggested weight loss supplements are effective, but are also manufactured by legitimate companies with reviews by real people. All of these products are absolutely safe and effective and equally recommended by us. Check out the complete post to know the details about the best and safe Phentermine alternatives that you can try to achieve your fitness goals.

Top Choice: PHENGOLD

PhenGold is one of the top most choice among all the weight loss supplements in the market that is specifically designed to eliminate excess weight without causing an harmful effects. This natural supplement is created by Swiss Research Labs Ltd and it has claimed to work perfectly for every age group regardless of their weight loss. Also, it is highly recommended for the first time users who want to lose weight, but in a much safer way. PhenGold is different from the other weight loss pills that are available in the market, as the formulation is completely free from any artificial flavors or GMO. In spite of being a new comer to the weight loss supplement circuit, PhenGold has managed quite a good reputation due to its ability of delivering noticeable results.

We have chosen PhenGold as the top choice for safe Phentermine alternatives, as it is an ideal supplement for the people who are new users or just starting out their weight loss journey. The main point about PhenGold that makes it distinguished and perfect for the users are its ingredients list. Every ingredient in PhenGold is carefully chosen to make it efficacy better. Also, each part of the composition is a tried and tested appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. The formula of PhenGold is composed with all natural ingredients that are potent enough to efficiently help in fat burning, accelerating metabolism, and elevating your energy levels. PhenGold is equally beneficial for both genders, since its amazing effects on weight loss impacts on overall wellness and health. The daily use of PhenGold will be an ideal step towards losing weight, that too with convenience.

PhenGold weight loss supplement has been considered as top choice because of its potent blend of natural ingredients that are combined together to trigger various body functions and processes that discourage the process of fat storage in your body. The ingredients that are chosen to be included in PhenGold are to ensure optimum product absorption. The working mechanism of PhenGold focuses on reducing extra pounds because of its fat reducing agents like green tea and green coffee, both of which are natural ways to enhance energy levels. Green coffee reacts more mildly with your system to deliver a clean boost in energy. In addition of giving the mild energy, green tea also offers great antioxidant benefits.

The formulation of PhenGold also contains a plant derivative called Rhodiola Rosea and a compound called DMAE. Rhodiola Rosea root is a botanical ingredient that has been used from centuries to help fight fatigue and depression. It is used in combination with the DMAE, which makes PhenGolda good mood enhancing supplement that really helps when you are burning sugars out of your system. The formula contains Vitamin B-complex that is used in many fat burners along with Cayenne pepper, which is a great appetite suppressant and pure caffeine for that boosted extra dose of energy. PhenGold has taken a enhanced step with their formulation by adding Theanine and Tyrosine. These both ingredients can help in improving your mood, which usually suffers if you are used to intake sugary foods. As a matter of fact, sugar intake makes the body happy and when you start taking fat burner supplement, you will crave less for sugar and hence reduce the absorption of sugar in your body. This means, you may experience a deep dip in your mood and feel fatigued; however, these two ingredients will help you out dealing with this.

Within short span of time, PhenGold also brags a solid reputation through different clinical trials and studies and positive customer reviews. Unlike other supplement makers, PhenGold is very transparent about their ingredients, which makes it distinguished among the competitors. With clarity and transparency about the formula, you can easily compare PhenGold with other fat burner supplements. As per the makers, it is better to complement PhenGold with healthy diet routine and workout routine to amplify the process of weight loss. With better efforts in right directions, you will definitely be able to notice remarkable results within short time period.

Overall, PhenGold weight loss supplement is the best and safest Phentermine alternative that is easy to use and contains a lot of proven ingredients. It comes in the form of pills and the formula will help you burn calories even when you are not engaged in any physical activity. PhenGold can easily be purchased from its official website. The best pricing package on the website includes a 3 months supply, plus two months free, that is available only for $ 179.99. Also, this product comes with a 100 days money back guarantee.


PhenGold weight loss supplement is a promising formula that helps in making your weight loss journey convenient than ever. The formula not only give you effective weight loss results, but also better energy and moods. Following are some of the great benefits and pros of PhenGold supplement that you can expect from it:

  • It helps in getting rid of extra weight in short span of time so that you can achieve your slimmer physique.
  • It is available in reasonable price packages on the official website.
  • It helps in reducing appetite and food cravings due to the presence of Vitamin B6 in the formula.
  • It helps in boosting natural metabolism of body, thus encourages faster fat burning process for efficient weight loss results.
  • It aims on fat loss from even the toughest body parts with better muscle health.
  • It helps in getting your complete body toned with better muscle.
  • The ingredients present in this formula are all natural and therefore are not linked with any negative impacts.
  • It helps in activating thermogenesis in the body which directly accelerates the fat burning process more efficiently.
  • PhenGold is legal Phentermine alternative, which is absolutely safe.
  • The ingredient list of PhenGold is absolutely transparent and there is no prescription necessary to use it.
  • PhenGold weight loss supplement comes with a money back guarantee. This means you can get your money refunded if you think that the product is not working for you.


  • Unlike many other fat burner supplements, this is not available on local pharmacies or shop.
  • It does not contain any magical or game changer ingredient.

Click Here to Buy PhenGold from the Official Website


The second best Phentermine alternative in our view point is Prime Shred weight loss supplement. Prime Shred is relatively a new weight loss product in the market, but has gained great popularity for being the hardcore formula that helps in hastening the process of fat burning in your body. Prime Shred is an effective fat burner that aids people in achieving a better overall physical look with enhanced confidence. As per the manufacturers, Prime Shred aids in losing weight by triggering thermogenesis. It not only enhances your physical looks, but will also improve cognitive functioning, thus giving you a better life. Prime Shred activates the thermogenesis process that can transform the stored fat reserves into energy and accelerates fat burning process by activating the fat burning hormones in the body. It also helps in increasing gym performance and mental clarity.

Though, Prime Shred is not meant for use by a specific gender as it can be used for both men and women. But, it is mainly intended for men who want to reduce their overall body fat percentage and want to achieve a leaner body. Also, women trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant or a nursing mother should not use Prime Shred. This product is designed and created by a UK based company called Muscle Club Ltd, which is manufactured in the United States. To achieve good weight loss results, your body need to burn more calories, consume less food, and use the energy wisely. It is a whole fat loss process that requires the body to start using fat to give your body fuel for activities rather than relying purely on glucose. Prime Shred is a potent fat burner supplement that makes this whole process easier for your body and you can achieve the weight loss goal in short time period. The ingredients of this supplement are all natural and are designed to push the body into fat burning mode so that you can burn more calories when you eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

The manufacturers have not only included the weight loss ingredients but also have chosen the compounds that reduce fat in the body and reveal lean hard muscle. It is specially formulated for men you want to lose weight and attain a leaner physique. The uniqueness of Prime Shred supplement is its outstanding formula and natural ingredients. All the ingredients are scientifically tried and tested with each ingredient playing a different a role in the body. The Green Tea extract helps in boosting antioxidants in your body while also providing you with a mild dose of caffeine. It also aids in fat reduction by alleviating triglyceride levels in the body. The inclusion of green tea in the formula enhances the fat burning process by boosting your metabolism. This makes it easier for the fat burning hormones e.g. norepinephrine to do their job. During strict diet routine, the mood usually gets affected and DMAE also is the compound to deal with it. This compound helps in enhancing mood levels and helps in maintain brain function. It work towards improving focus, alertness, and cognition and enhance the physical activity by building a muscle-mind link.

Prime Shred supplement also contains L-Tyrosine and Green Coffee. The 300 mg of L-Tyrosine helps in increasing adrenaline and helps in performing better. It also helps the brain to work optimally by enhancing concentration, alertness, and cognition. It also helps in regulating thyroid hormones and melanin production and aids with neurotransmitter deficiencies. With the 500 mg dose of Green coffee the user will feel all energized and focused to perform tough training sessions and other stressful activities. Green coffee is a powerful punch for weight that is free from chemicals and helps in reducing body fat amazingly. Green coffee not only helps in staying focus, but also assists with energy provision and burn fat in the body. It also helps in accelerating thermogenesis, thus enhance the fat burning process in the body leading to more energy getting released. All these ingredients mutually help in boosting metabolism in the body and release neurotransmitters that make the user active and focused.

The formula also contains L-Theanine, which is widely known to improve the mood levels and at the same time burning fat as well. It also helps in maintaining focus and attention while boosting metabolism. The elevated energy levels and increased level of happy hormones in the body will help the user stay contented even while following low calorie diet routine. The 250 mg of L-Theanine works along with Vitamin B complex and reduces the absorption of fats and carbs in the body. The vitamin B complex comprises of Vitmains B3, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 in perfect potencies to boost metabolism and ensuring carbohydrates are burned more efficiently than regular days. These vitamins works along with other potent far burning ingredients to help the body to burn fat and reduces tiredness.

Prime Shred weight loss supplement contains the botanical ingredient Rhodiola Rosea root that are classified as adaptogen that can improve mood levels and helps fight fatigue and anxiety. This ingredient is powerful enough to reduce stress in the body and helps in activating various enzymes in the body. It assures that the muscles get the energy they need to perform all the body functions and releases an enzyme that aids the body to break down all the stored fat. All the natural ingredients included in Prime Shred helps in improving the overall performance during training sessions by enhancing energy levels. The formula composition of Prime Shred accelerates the process of fat burning in the body. Also the included Bioperine helps the body to absorb the all the ingredients faster and easier. This will allow users to get the most benefit from each active ingredient. Unlike other weight loss supplements, Prime Shred supplement is very easy to intake. It is recommended to take three pills per day to achieve the better weight loss results. The first pill should be taken early in the morning, at least twenty minutes before taking breakfast.

Prime Shred is an everyday pill and can be taken on both on and off workout days. However, due to the presence of caffeine content, it is recommended to avoid taking it at least three hours before going to sleep, as this will make harder for you to fall asleep. Each bottle of Prime Shred contains 90 pills that means one bottle is enough for a thirty day supply. Prime Shred is available to purchase from the official website at the best prices and discount packages. The best bulk buying offer is to get four bottles of Prime Shred and get two free at the price of $ 199.95 along with free shipping.


We have listed Prime Shred as one of the best weight loss supplement for men, because of its various benefits. It is a natural formula that is loaded with organic ingredients that can offer numerous positive effects on overall health and wellness. Following are some of the benefits of Prime Shred mentioned below:

  • It helps in the removal of excess body fat and extra body weight.
  • It assists in staying focused on the workout routine and prevents from getting tired and exhausted.
  • This daily formula can help losing weight by suppressing the appetite so that a person doesn’t accumulate and consume a large number of calories in their body.
  • The formula is composed of all natural substances.
  • Prime Shred formula promotes significant fat reduction as a result of its powerful thermogenic properties.
  • It also helps in enhancing metabolism so that you can burn more calories than ever.
  • It also stimulates the release of fat burning hormones that helps in breaking down the accumulated fat in the body.
  • Prime Shred is a powerful supplement that aids in increasing energy and mental concentration.
  • This product is an anti-fatigue supplement that also improves cognitive and brain wellness.
  • This efficient fat burning pill also aids in losing weight by removing brain fog and making your brain shaper.
  • It helps in enhancing mental focus and concentration.
  • It also helps in reducing harmful cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.
  • It will help you in achieving a ripped and shredded body within short span of time.
  • You don’t need any prescription to purchase Prime Shred.
  • It is a product that is absolutely legal and FDA approved.
  • Prime Shred comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • Prime Shred is only effective for those men who are above the age of 18.
  • It can only be purchased online from the official website.
  • It is not available for purchase from the local pharmacy.

Click Here to Buy PrimeShred from the Official Website


One of the popular Phentermine Alternatives that we have included in our recommendations is TrimTone weight loss supplement. TrimTone is a once a day supplement that is especially formulated to help women burn fat and curb their appetite. We have selected TrimTone as the runner supplement for women that helps in triggering thermogenesis. Unlike other weight loss products, TrimTone was specifically formulated with a woman’s body and requirements in mind because men and women can lose weight much differently.

TrimTone has been one of the most popular weight loss supplement because of its unique working mechanism. This weight loss formula works in three different ways to achieve noticeable weight loss results. The three mechanisms include suppressing appetite, stimulating thermogenesis, and boosting the body’s natural metabolic rate. TrimTone formula helps in suppressing the hunger cravings that puts you out of track from our caloric deficit diet. With this appetite suppressing properties, you would not add unnecessary calories to your daily diet routine and you will stay in control of your daily food consumption. In short, TrimTone can help to keep your diet balanced and prevent those unwanted calories from adding excess pounds to your weight. The formula is designed to stimulate thermogenesis, which is the process of heat production in the body. This produced heat will help the body breaking down fat into energy that your body can use for other functions. The increased thermogeensis will help in greater weight loss when paired up with a healthy diet.

The ingredients included in the TrimTone weight loss supplement boost the body’s resting metabolic rate so that the body can burn a good amount of calories even while your body is in resting positon. The higher the metabolic rate is the more weight you will lose. The proprietary blend of ingredients included in TrimTone formula may seem basic, but it is still packed up with a bigger punch for your quest to lose weight. TrimTone formula includes five major ingredients, all of which are scientifically backed by various clinical researches and studies.

Trimtone formula contains a potent fat burner in the form of Caffeine, which is the most well-known stimulant and usually found in many weight loss supplements. Caffeine promotes thermogenesis and lipolysis, which is breaking down of fat, while boosting metabolism so that you can burn more fat all day long. This ingredient is clinically proven to support healthy energy levels while boosting focus and cognition. Besides 120 mg of caffeine, TrimTone contains Green coffee bean extract that is one of the most known weight loss supplements in the market. The raw and unroasted coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid that may reduce appetite, lower your insulin levels, and support the process of thermogenesis. Another similar caffeine group element included in TrimTone is Green tea extract that is a popular weight loss ingredient backed by many clinical studies. The antioxidants present in Green tea extracts help in supporting your metabolism and influence the hormones that break down your fat. The catechins in green tea also reduce the number of carbohydrates that your body absorbs.

TrimTone also contains Grains of paradise and Glucomannan, which are natural ingredients and contributes greatly in making your weight loss journey easier. Grains of paradise is a herb from the ginger family that helps stimulating brown adipose tissue (BAT), which helps the body warm by actively burning the bad fat of the body. It also offers better blood sugar control and a higher resting metabolic rate. At the same time, Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that expands in the stomach and makes you feel fuller for longer period of time, so that you can stay away from consuming excess calories. This is the main ingredient that will prevent overeating and help in dealing with your cravings for unhealthy food that leads to weight gain. All these ingredients are powerful enough to carry out the potent fat burning action in the body to support weight loss safely. The Trimtone formula contains no fillers, artificial, and synthetic ingredients that can be harmful for your health. Only these five natural ingredients are included in each capsule of Trimtone to deliver faster weight loss results.

TrimTone formula is not only simple in terms of formulation, but is also very convenient to use. Women have to take just one capsule of TrimTone each morning with water before breakfast. The results vary from person to person depends on different health and physical factors. However, most of the women notice great results within the first few weeks of using TrimTone. The first changes will appear in losing some inches from your body and you will probably see a few pounds drop on the weighing scale. TrimTone can easily be purchased through their official website at different price packages and discounted deals. You can choose the package as per your needs, but the best money saving price package is to buy 3 month supply of TrimTone and get 2 month supply absolutely Free at the price of $ 149.85 along with Free Shipping. Moreover, with every purchase TrimTone offers a 100 days money back guarantee that means you can claim 100% of your money if you are not satisfied with the results.


The weight loss struggle of women is very different and difficult as compared to men. There are many hindrances for women during their weight loss journey that may include hormonal issues, pregnancy, postpartum depression, anxiety etc. TrimTone has the ability to help women in losing weight with convenience. Following are the pros and benefits that you can enjoy by using TrimTone:

  • It is made up of all the potent, natural, and clinically proven ingredients that have theromogenic properties.
  • TrimTone formula is free from all the fillers and chemicals.
  • It helps in boosting the rapid calorie burn by enhancing the fat burning process in the body.
  • It helps in lowering down the blood sugar levels and improving your energy levels.
  • It helps in curbing your appetite, so that you can eat less and avoid unhealthy snacks.
  • It gives you better energy dose with a good amount of caffeine in the formula and increases the number of oxygen carrying red blood cells.
  • It helps in effective fat loss by enabling your body functions to work at higher capacity and improving your nutrients’ utilization for longer durations.
  • It promotes fat burning by triggering faster metabolism. With heat production, the body will be using more energy than it is consuming and will burn the stored fat with the process of fat oxidation.
  • It will give you a feeling of full stomach without any cravings so that your calories intake will reduce significantly, thus assisting fat loss.
  • The formula is pretty straight forward and simple to use.
  • The formula is manufactured in the USA and certified by GMP.
  • TrimTone comes with 100 days money back guarantee with every order.


  • It contains stimulants in the form of caffeine and coffee.
  • It is not suitable for vegans, and vegetarians.
  • People having diabetes should not use it.
  • Pregnant or lactating mothers should also avoid using TrimTone formula.

Click Here to Buy Trimtone from the Official Website

Final Word

Though there are many weight loss supplements in the market that claimed to deliver the noticeable results within short span of time, but none of them will match up to our suggested supplements. With the detailed information presented above, it is concluded that PhenGold seems to be the most effective and legitimate Phentermine alternative supplement that is the optimal solution for weight loss. It can work even for people with dietary limitations like vegans and vegetarians. In addition, the ingredients used in PhenGold supplement are backed by extensive research and scientific studies. PhenGold is one of the best supplements that works efficiently at suppressing appetite and enhancing metabolism, which eventually promotes good weight loss results.

Also, the runner up supplements that we have suggested for men and women are PrimeShred and TrimTone. Both of these supplements contain high quality ingredients that are absolutely natural and safe to use. With the efficacy of these natural weight loss formulas, you can expect to see really good weight loss results. The effective ingredients like green coffee beans, cayenne pepper and other advantageous herbs and vitamins will make your mind stronger and sharper besides making your body slimmer. Prime Shred would never disappoint the men circuit, as it delivers the weight loss results as it is advertised. With the realist weight loss approach and effective formulation, TrimTone will also keep up all the promises of losing weight and will deliver great results to women circuit without putting much effort.

The best part among all these formulas is their transparency, as they have clearly mentioned the ingredient list so that the users can conveniently judge their working mechanism and efficiency. While PhenGold is an all-rounder, Prime Shred could be an optimal choice for men. Similarly, TrimTone is ideally designed for specific weight loss needs of women. Though, all these formulas are safe to use, but it is always recommended to consult with your doctor before using any supplement. Moreover, all these weight loss supplements will work best when accompanied with healthy diet routine and workout.


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