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Addressing Stress and Anxiety Treatment Through Pet Therapy



Addressing Stress and Anxiety Treatment Through Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is becoming increasingly popular in medicine. This sort of treatment aids patients in recovering from a variety of health issues. Animal-assisted therapy is another popular name for it.

An organized contact between a human and an animal is created in this type of treatment. The handlers are also involved in the engagement. Typically, the handlers are either pet owners or volunteers.

The purpose of animal-assisted therapy is to help individuals recover from a variety of ailments, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, stroke, mental illness, and more. And they can also have a positive effect on your mood as explained by

Foundation of Pet Therapy

The core of pet therapy is the pre-existing human-animal relationship. This form of natural interaction can assist a person in coping with physical, mental, emotional, and social challenges. The most prevalent animals utilized in this type of therapy are dogs and cats. Other animals, on the other hand, can be employed as long as they pass the screening.

The screening includes a physical check of the animal to determine if it is vaccinated and disease-free. The animal is also put through obedience training to ensure that it does not damage the patient. The handler is also educated on how to engage with patients properly.

Process of Pet Therapy

The therapy begins with allowing the animal and its handler to visit a specific patient. Every meeting has predefined objectives. The healthcare professional will establish a goal for a meeting between an abused youngster who suddenly stops communicating and engaging with other people and a beloved dog, for example.

He can establish a goal of increasing the child’s interest in his surroundings by demonstrating indicators such as staring at the dog, caressing it, or smiling at it. If these objectives are reached, a new set of objectives will be created for the following appointment until the kid has recovered from his trauma.

Pet Therapy Lessen Anxiety

Animal-assisted therapy is also utilized to help youngsters feel less anxious. This technique can be used to assist children to relax before surgery or other invasive treatment. This is due to a phenomenon known as “contact comfort.”

The bond that builds between the human and the animal through touch can aid in the relaxing of the mind and body in this process.

Pet Therapy Facilitate Communication

Interaction between patients and animals in the health care context can help patients communicate more effectively. This is especially crucial for persons who are depressed or have experienced traumatic events.

Interaction with the animals allows the patient to communicate, express feelings, and return to reality. Patients are not the only ones who benefit from animal-aided treatment. It also has a favorable impact on the members of the family.

Family members are also under a great deal of strain. Some members of the family have stated that viewing pet therapy has made them feel better. And seeing their ailing relatives smile again thanks to animal contact has taken some of the weight off their shoulders.

People’s anxiety, weariness, pain, and sadness are all reduced dramatically when they engage with animals, according to studies on animal-assisted therapy. This sort of therapy has been steadily improving over time.

It is no longer just utilized in medical situations. To further disseminate the benefits of animal-aided therapy, it is now being implemented in communities, pet friendly drug rehabs, and colleges.


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