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3 Ways to Live Better with Back Pain

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3 Ways to Live Better with Back Pain

Gone are the days when back pain was a problem for the elderly and senior citizens. Today, people in their late 20s and mid-30s are developing back pain.

It is not just disturbing but also annoying. People with pains in the back often find it challenging to carry on chores daily. They face issues with sitting in one posture for too long and exercising for a while daily. One of the main reasons for back pain today is the sedentary life and the lack of exercise.

Back pain doesn’t become acute on day one. It passes through stages. That means you will start facing mild pain symptoms here and there. And your pain will aggravate when you don’t pay heed to it and start living your poor lifestyle that lacks movement.

Smart people who want to lead a balanced, pain-free life will address this through lifestyle modifications, medications, and treatment as and when required. People with mild pain should address it right at the start through the following guidelines to manage it better and live pain-free.

1. Take medication and pain relief spray when required

It would help if you didn’t have a mentality of not taking medicines as and when required. You could start with medicine or a pain relief spray and then manage your pain better through lifestyle modifications. However, you shouldn’t self-medicate. It’s wise to get in touch with an expert doctor who can assess the root cause of your pain and provide you with the remedy.

2. Say yes to physiotherapy for back pain

Sometimes, your mild or acute pain is in the wrong alignment of your spine. You can correct this by opting in for an expert physiotherapist. These professionals try to understand the pain’s root cause and address it through exercise and body movement.

You might have to continue with the medications as you continue physiotherapy. The physiotherapist would decide on the number of weekly sessions you will need to improve your condition.

Ensure that you get in touch with an expert physiotherapist. To know more about this, you can check out Vancouver, BC. Your physiotherapist needs to understand your pain point and remedy it appropriately that benefits you.

3. Don’t lift heavy objects

When you have the initial spinal pain episodes, ensure that you don’t lift heavy objects. It can aggravate the pain. If you plan to go to the gym, you can do mild exercises and not opt-in for the weight lifting exercises.

You should gradually develop your strength and choose to do heavy weight lifting. If you lift heavy weights while in pain, it can affect your posture adversely.

Last but not least, you can choose to walk daily at moderate speed to relieve your back pain. When you add walking along with physiotherapy, it can work wonders. While physiotherapy targets a specific part of the body, walking helps to function the muscles of your entire body and enables you to be more agile and flexible.

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