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How Long do Hemorrhoids Last?

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Nobody can understand the pain and discomfort caused by external hemorrhoids except those who actually go through this. Those suffering from this have only one question in their mind and that is – how long do external haemorrhoids last? Before we move towards the answer of this question, let’s first understand what exactly hemorrhoids are?

Haemorrhoids, also known as piles are nothing but swollen veins around the anus or rectum which causes pain and discomfort. They can last for varying lengths of time and in some cases can clear up on their own. They are more painful during bowel movements or while sitting.

Hemorrhoids are a common issue but it should not be ignored. There are endless questions regarding it and one should be aware about it. To learn more about haemorrhoids and their symptoms and haemorrhoid treatment, keep reading the entire post.

What are Hemorrhoids?

To begin with, it is important to know what exactly hemorrhoids are and what causes them to develop. Hemorrhoids as discussed earlier, are swollen and irritated veins around the anus or lower rectum. They can be small or large in size and their symptoms depend on how long they stay.

Haemorrhoids can be internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are those which are present inside the rectum and not visible outside whereas, external hemorrhoids are those which are present outside of the anal opening. In both cases, haemorrhoids can be painful and itchy. One can feel the pain and itching when involved in regular activities like sitting or walking.

Hemorrhoids which are small in size can sometimes disappear on their own only. With the help of some home remedies you can easily get rid of hemorrhoids if they are small in size only.

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away?

One of the most asked questions regarding hemorrhoids is that do hemorrhoids go away? and to this we have a very simple answer that it all depends on their size and varying lengths.

There is no specific set duration for hemorrhoids as such but generally hemorrhoids which are smaller in size get automatically cleared up within a few days without any treatment only.

Hemorrhoids which are large in size can take quite a time to heal and at the same time may cause you significant pain and discomfort. In case of large hemorrhoids, if it is causing excess pain and discomfort and is taking a longer time to heal, it is advisable to consult a doctor for the same for safer treatment and cure.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

In the case of internal haemorrhoids, you may not experience any major symptoms. But sometimes, during any bowel movement, you may have bleeding if it has caused any problem to internal haemorrhoids.

Other symptoms which are found in external haemorrhoids also are

  • Burning
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Itching
  • Swelling

These are some of the common symptoms found in both cases, internal as well as external haemorrhoids. However, if the haemorrhoid is larger in size there are chances of heavy symptoms.

How long do External Hemorrhoids last?

One of the most wanted answers is regarding how long do hemorrhoids last? Well, again it depends on the size of your hemorrhoids and its longevity. It differs from person to person. Usually, it takes about a week to last if it is of normal size. If taken proper care and medication, it will start shrinking within a week only.

If the hemorrhoid is small in size, it may go away within a few days only without any treatment. On the other hand, if the haemorrhoid is large in size it may be painful and can take a longer time to heal.

Haemorrhoids are also seen in women during pregnancy. The increased pressure in women’s abdomen may make the veins in their anus larger resulting in haemorrhoids. Majority of women during pregnancy experience hemorrhoids but the main concern is how long do hemorrhoids last after birth?

Well, the answer to this question differs from person to person. If you develop haemorrhoids during your pregnancy period, there is a possibility that it may last until you give birth.

Hormones during your pregnancy period are more likely to swell your veins. Usually they last till vaginal delivery but if you have developed hemorrhoids before your pregnancy, there are chances that it may come back post-delivery.

During pregnancy if you develop hemorrhoids there is no need to take stress. It is normal if you find haemorrhoids during your pregnancy. You will find itchiness and pain during any bowel movement and sometimes you can also find rectal bleeding. If you find bleeding beyond control, consult a doctor immediately.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

In case of both Internal and External Hemorrhoid, self care and medications are must. In fact, in many cases, home remedies also do wonders in curing hemorrhoids. Not in all the cases medication is required. If the hemorrhoid is small in size and bearable condition, chances are there of getting rid of external hemorrhoids in 48 hrs.

If you find that the hemorrhoid is quite big in size and is persistent for quite a long time, self care and medications will be required to get rid of hemorrhoids. In addition, certain home remedies can also help you in getting rid of hemorrhoids easily.

To make it more easier to understand, let’s take a note of some home remedies which can help you in getting rid of hemorrhoids faster.

Apply Ice on the affected area

One of the most common home remedies includes applying ice to the affected area. Ice has cooling properties which will help in cooling down hemorrhoids and allow it to shrink faster. For this, take a cloth and wrap some ice on it. Keep on the affected area for about 10 minutes. This will give you instant relief.

Clean the area

It is very important to clean the area around hemorrhoids. Be very gentle while cleaning. Take a wet wipe and spray some warm water on it. Gently tap around the affected area and keep it clean.

Take rest

Avoid taking stress and involving yourself in stressful activities. Try to take as much rest as possible. Lie down as long as you can to get relief. The more you take rest, the faster the result will show in getting relief.

Apart from home remedies, there are medical procedures and medications too for shrinking the hemorrhoid. You can even consult a doctor for the same if there is no sign of relief from home remedies.


So, this was our take on how long do external hemorrhoids last? and its treatment. You can definitely get rid of external hemorrhoids in 48 hrs provided you take care in the proper manner. There is no need to take stress if you find hemorrhoids. Just be gentle and take precautionary measures to get rid of it easily.



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