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How Dentures Can Improve Your Oral Health After You Lose Your Teeth

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How dentures can improve your oral health

Оur teeth play a vital role in keeping us alive and Oral Health is imperative to keeping your pearly whites free of disease. They help us grind our food, which is a basic need to survive, into smaller pieces before we swallow it. Masticating food reduces the chances of us choking on it. Aside from that, our set of teeth allows us to converse with clarity and, of course, look attractive however some of use require dentures.

Oral health does not normally get prioritized by a lot of people. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis may only be true for some. According to, who polled their readers based in Singapore. Most people answered that the only time they step inside a dentist’s clinic is when their teeth are subject to painful conditions. Pain that they could no longer bear. Diseases and conditions affecting the teeth and gums can result in their falling out. Adults should bear in mind that a permanent tooth that is lost is lost forever. Well, almost.

While there will not be a stand-in tooth sprouting from the gums to replace a missing tooth in adults. A removable replacement can be made to take the place of the absent tooth. This saving piece is called dentures. 

Otherwise known as false teeth, dentures are appliances that are made up of a plastic foundation, metal framework, and teeth that may be of porcelain or plastic material. Dentures in Singapore are customised according to a person’s dental need, replacing lost teeth and improving the oral functions and looks of a person.

Types of Dentures


There are two main types of dentures: complete and partial dentures.

Full or complete dentures

Complete dentures are recommended for people who have entirely lost their teeth in one arch. This kind of false teeth uses a plastic base that is molded and colored to look like a person’s gum tissue. Attached to the base is a whole set of porcelain or plastic teeth. Full removable dentures are stuck into place with the use of an adhesive to seal its attachment to the gums. If you would like to keep your dentures secure and avoid the embarrassment of them having to fall out of your mouth, then you may opt to have them surgically attached and screwed into the jaws’ bones.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are made for those who still have some of their teeth together. This kind of dentures is generally removable. They can be made out of a metal framework or plastic material. Dentures that have a metal framework as a base are the traditional type. It is much stronger and inflexible as compared to its plastic counterpart. Plastic dentures are commonly used as a temporary substitute of missing teeth until a more permanent replacement is made.

Benefits of using dentures

Losing a tooth or several teeth can result to challenges in eating and can lead to poor health. If a person has several missing teeth, then they will have a hard time in chewing food properly and not be able to enjoy eating their favourite meals.

Having dentures in place improves a person’s ability to masticate food. It is normal to feel excited that you are able to eat the food that you like, but be cautious about eating hastily when you have your dentures on for the first time. It will take a bit of time and a lot of practice to get used to eating food while using your dentures.

Do not dive directly and chew on tough meat. Foods that are sticky should be avoided at all costs. It is best to start with soft food and gradually include solid food until you have mastered chewing using your tongue and both sides of your mouth without struggling with your dentures.

Also, as mentioned earlier, losing teeth can affect a person’s manner of speaking. You may struggle with enunciating certain words. Gaining back a complete set of teeth with the aid of your dentures will be of great help in allowing you to talk clearly.

Lastly, people who have lost front teeth may feel shy and develop low self-esteem as the empty spaces in their mouth where their pearly whites once were can influence how they look. Dentures will definitely boost your lost confidence as it will bring back your once bright smile—and it may even appear better than before!

Other things to expect when using dentures

Benefits aside, using dentures can be really uncomfortable at first. Do not worry because you will definitely get the hang of it with continuous use. You may experience the following a few days or weeks after getting fitted with dentures:

  • Cracks in the false teeth
  • Dislodging of dentures
  • Excessive production of saliva
  • Gums that may be irritated or sore
  • Unpleasant odour coming from the false teeth

Keep in touch with your dentist and book regular appointments during the first month of using your dentures. If your dentures feel loose-fitting or you experience some complications caused by the way it is placed, then it may need some readjustments or repairs from your dentist.

Keeping your dentures from damage

Once you have surpassed the adjustment stage of your dentures, your dentist will advise that you remove your false teeth before sleeping at night. Remember to practice extra care when removing and cleaning your dentures. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a non-abrasive denture cleaner to keep your dentures spotless. Store your dentures in a container, submerged in water or a denture cleaner when not in use. Never make the mistake of dipping them in hot water as the material can be deformed.

Remember to always practice good oral hygiene as soon as you take off your dentures and before placing they back again into your mouth. Brush the remaining teeth that you have and gargle thoroughly to get rid of bacteria and plaque.

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