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COVID Cases In Gaston County Plummet 14.1%; In North Carolina, They Fall 16.3%



COVID Cases In Gaston County Plummet 14.1%; In North Carolina, They Fall 16.3%COVID Cases In Gaston County Plummet 14.1%; In North Carolina, They Fall 16.3%

(CTN News) – In the week ending Sunday, North Carolina reported 10,021 new Coronavirus cases. There were 11,971 new cases of COVID-19 last week, down 16.3% from the previous week.

According to a USA TODAY Network analysis of Johns Hopkins University data, North Carolina ranked 15th among states where Coronavirus is spreading the fastest.

There were 250,233 Coronavirus cases reported in the United States last week, down 16.4% from the week before. In the last week, North Carolina had 4% of the country’s cases.

Eight states had more cases in the latest week than the week before.

Gaston County reported 177 cases and no deaths last week. It had reported 206 cases and 10 deaths a week earlier. There have been 76,450 cases and 930 deaths so far.

The most notable declines were in Mecklenburg County, with 856 cases from 1,227 a week earlier; in Guilford County, with 637 cases from 759; and in Wake County, with 956 cases from 1,074.

The most severe outbreaks in North Carolina were in Yadkin County, with 231 cases per 100,000; Jones County, with 202; and Stokes County, with 165.

It’s high levels of community transmission when there are 100 cases per 100,000 a week, according to the CDC.

Wake County had 956 pending cases; Mecklenburg County had 856; and Guilford County had 637. Case counts rose in 25 counties last week. Catawba, Haywood, and Wilson counties saw the biggest increases.

COVID-19 killed 33 people in North Carolina last week. 327 people died the week before.

COVID-19 hospital admissions in North Carolina drop

As of Sunday, Oct. 16, USA TODAY analyzed federal hospital data. COVID patients likely to be admitted:

  • 2,050 last week

  • Before that: 2,247

  • Last week: 2,532

COVID patients admitted to the country:

  • 50,945 last week

  • 49,442 the week before:

  • 55,544 four weeks ago

There were more COVID-19 patients in 23 states than a week earlier, while there were more COVID-19 patients in intensive care in 21 states.

COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospitals in 29 states last week, a USA TODAY analysis of HHS data shows.

Local versions of this story are being published on USA TODAY news sites across the country, based on data from Johns Hopkins University and the CDC.


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