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Thailand’s Recreational Cannabis May Need Doctors Approval

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Thai Police Need to Be Educated on New Marijuana Law

Thailand’s lawmakers are set to review a revise version of the cannabis and hemp regulation bill that will be tabled at next week’s cabinet meeting, Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew announced on Tuesday.

The updated measure retains the important premise that cannabis must only be used for medical purposes, but it also clearly states that recreational use is not permitted, according to the minister.

The government has yet to specify what will happen to the thousands of enterprises that have popped up in the legal void created by cannabis’ removal off the list of prohibited substances in 2022.

The Bhumjaithai Party, which is also a member of the present coalition administration, previously advocated for cannabis legalisation, but its bill to control the plant failed to pass last year while the previous government was in power.

Dr. Cholnan stated that the amended bill would control which components of the cannabis plant can be utilised, how they can be ingested, and the allowable quantities for possession. The proposed measure would reclassify the cannabis plant’s stem, roots, leaves, and buds as narcotics due to its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration.

The minister previously stated that smoking cannabis would most likely require a doctor’s permission, and that the measure would be very specific about how to use the plant for medical therapy.

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Medicinal use of the cannabis

He highlighted that the measure differed from Bhumjaithai’s proposal, which only sought to limit the amount that individuals might drink.

However, the minister stressed that the amendment does not imply that the government is now opposed to the medicinal use of the cannabis plant, stating that the bill represents “a different approach” to the subject.

He stated that the new bill was intended to safeguard citizens from cannabis abuse, which has occurred since the plant was removed from the Narcotic Drug List two years ago.

Dr. Cholnan’s statements were in response to many concerns of cannabis use among Coldplay concertgoers at Rajamangala National Stadium over the weekend. Many concertgoers stated that the prevalent odour of marijuana smoke was offensive.

Thai Actor Phanuwat “Copter” Kerdtongtawee said on his X account on Monday that he could smell marijuana smoke even though his seat was on the stadium’s third level.

“Thailand is now a destination for sai keao [marijuana users]. “I want to say that not everyone, including myself, enjoys the smell,” he wrote in the post, which gained 800,000 views.

He followed up with another post requesting that the government take quick action to limit the recreational usage of marijuana, tagging both Dr Cholnan and Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s accounts.

Dr. Cholnan stated that the usage of cannabis at concerts is forbidden, same as smoking cigarettes is prohibited in public places. The difficulty, he explained, was that there were no legally enforceable procedures in place to punish concertgoers who used marijuana.

It is claimed that under the new bill, all cannabis crops will need a permit from authorities and must use modern farming procedures to verify the plants are medical grade. Plantations at home, which Bhumjaithai championed, are unlikely to continue.

Meanwhile, many dispensaries that sell cannabis products for both medical and recreational purposes are waiting for clarity on their fate.

It is estimated that there are around 7,000 cannabis stores across the country. They sell anything from cannabis buds to oil extracts with less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component that causes the “high” experience.

Thailand's Health Minister Signs Bill Banning Recreational Use of Cannabis

Smoking Cannabis in Thailand

Thailand has seen significant developments in its approach to marijuana use in recent years. From policy changes to legal complexities, the country’s stance on cannabis has been a topic of discussion globally.

Despite some perceptions, recreational marijuana remains illegal under Thai law. However, the country made a groundbreaking move by decriminalizing marijuana, making it permissible for cultivation and consumption.

This shift marked a significant turning point in the cannabis market within Asia.

Thailand’s new coalition government has brought about changes in the cannabis landscape. The government has expressed intentions to regulate and restrict the use of marijuana, primarily limiting it to medical purposes.

This adjustment signals a major policy shift from the previously more liberal stance on cannabis.

While the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes has been a step forward, the public use of cannabis now faces stringent regulations.

Smoking marijuana in public spaces remains illegal, with severe penalties outlined in Thailand’s Public Health Act. The law aim to maintain control over marijuana consumption and prevent abuse.

Thailand’s evolving stance on marijuana reflects the complexities of balancing legalization with regulation. As the country navigates through these changes, the enforcement of laws and regulations will play a crucial role in shaping the future of marijuana use in Thailand.

The recent signals of urgency in limiting cannabis in Thailand for medical use highlight the ongoing debate and challenges ahead.

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