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The 6 Best Ways To Reduce “menstrual pain”



menstrual pain

(CTN News) – Menstrual Pain – Many women who have stomach discomfort while menstruating are well aware of the pain they have endured. Several situations required hospitalization because they were so painful.

However, the doctor did not discover anomalies in people who frequently get menstrual pain. You should try to abide by the recommendations Sanook has received from Phayathai Hospital.

Menstrual Pain What caused this?

Period discomfort is caused by uterine lining shedding, which stimulates the uterus to contract rhythmically and relax. As their periods begin, many women endure abdominal pain as a result.

Six methods to lessen “menstrual pain”

  1. Take Magnesium-Rich Foods

According to ThaiHealth, foods high in magnesium, like bananas, spinach, and other green vegetables, can help avoid muscle spasms. This is why you get pain throughout your period.

  • Massage the lower abdomen gently.

The muscles in the lower abdomen can relax with a gentle circular massage. It may lessen stomach aches.

  • By using a heated bag, compress.

The muscles may become more flexible with the heat. Girls who experience stomachaches often consider always keeping a hot water bottle nearby. Or, in the workplace, Pick it up and place it on your stomach whenever it hurts.

  • Compress with a hot bag.

Warming the abdomen It goes beyond only establishing external skin contact. but also warming up internally. That is, drinking warm liquids like warm water, warm milk, or warm soup if it is a meal.

To facilitate stomach warming, one should stay away from tea and coffee due to their caffeine content. may make period pain worse

  • A little exercise

Exercise can aid with period cramp relief. Schedule some time for light exercise, such as brisk walking or basic yoga poses, if your stomach pain is not too severe.

It aids in muscle relaxation. And lessen any potential future menstruation pain.

  • Acupuncture is a painkiller.

Reduce menstruation pain completely if none of the aforementioned remedies can do so. If you want to know which acupuncture techniques are best for relieving pain, you might want to talk to your doctor.

It is a proven safe and efficient traditional Chinese medicine approach.

Menstrual pain, however, may result from other factors. if there is a great deal of agony and no means to stop it. Along with additional odd symptoms, should seek medical advice for a thorough health examination.


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