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‘Madame Web’ Early Reactions Rip Apart Female Superhero Films

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'Madame Web' Early Reactions Rip Apart Female Superhero Films

(CTN News) – Upon first glance, Madame Web appears to be adding to the list of superhero films that have flopped, according to first reactions to the film.

In the movie, Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney star, and it is scheduled to be released on February 14th. As per reports, a number of critics were invited to take part in the review process for Marvel’s Spider-Man universe adaptation.

She is portrayed in the film as a superhero who, through visions, can see the future as a result of her ability to see the future, just like the woman in 50 Shades of Grey.

The movie was, however, not regarded as a great success by critics.

Cris Parker, a YouTuber, commented on the movie and said: “#Madame Web is an embarrassing mess. Talented stars wasted on what could be the worst comic book movie ever made.”

There is atrocious dialogue, awkward editing, and a laughable structure to the whole thing. As I sat there baffled scene by scene, someone had approved this. The memes will make it worthwhile though.”

A review from The Hollywood Handle, called Madame Web one of the worst movies they have ever seen because of its clunky, poorly-written, messy, and sloppy editing, as well as its mediocre performances.

There was some good cinematography and a good concept, but the movie was unable to be saved because of the terrible execution,” The outfit said in a statement. Despite its good cinematography, it lacked a great deal in terms of execution.

@bookblerd, a writer and critic who has come out strongly against #Madame Web, said: “I was not, unfortunately, entertained. #Madame Web is a series of misses and wasted opportunities, and this is not just because of its obvious shortcomings.”

Madame Web will be set in the universe of Venom and Morbius, so it is important to mention this beforehand.


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