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‘Lockwood & Co.’ Creator On Season 2 Plans And Big Season 1 Questions



'Lockwood & Co.' Creator On Season 2 Plans And Big Season 1 Questions

(CTN News) – Netflix is now streaming Lockwood & Co., an action-packed detective thriller.
Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, and Ali Hadji-Heshmati star as Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood & Co, and George Karim, members of the titular ghost-hunting agency.

Jonathan Stroud created this world where ghosts roam the streets of London every night and can kill or turn people into shadows of their former selves.

The first season ended with a lot of unanswered questions. The show’s creator Joe Cornish told Newsweek how he plans to address them in a possible second season.

The following contains some Season 1 spoilers.

A second season of Lockwood & Co is in the works

Netflix won’t announce a second season decision for Lockwood & Co. until sometime after the streaming platform releases the first season. Cornish said he and his writing team are already prepared for such a possibility.

Upon being asked if Season 2 was in the works, Cornish replied, “We do. The books do wonderful things for the characters.

Jonathan confesses to building this world while he was writing. As the book progresses, he discovers all the different twists and turns and characters by himself. In addition to what he has already done, we will follow up with him.

The scripts for Season 2 have already been written. We just have to cross our fingers and toes and Netflix will let us keep exploring the world.”

Season 1’s Big Questions

Lockwood & Co. has eight episodes that introduce the show’s world and show Lucy, Anthony, and George figuring things out.

After the credits roll on the final episode, viewers will wonder:

1. How Did ‘The Problem’ Begin?

It is the occurrence of “The Problem” that caused the arrival of ghostly visitors into the world of Lockwood & Co. The event occurred decades prior to the start of the show, and its exact cause remains a mystery.

The first person to discover The Problem was Penelope Fittes (Morven Christie). However, what if she was the one responsible for the problem? There is a high chance that the truth will be revealed in a second season.

2. Are visitors a natural phenomenon?

Likewise, there is another question that needs to be answered: Why are the Visitors suddenly haunting London in droves in such large numbers? It has been demonstrated by Lucy that it is possible to develop a connection with a ghost that makes it less violent. In spite of this, most visitors are hostile.

What caused the visitors to appear suddenly, or did they arrive of their own accord?

3. What is the Golden Blade?

Luke Treadaway appears as the Golden Blade, a villain who repeatedly defeats Lucy and Anthony as they search for the Bone Glass.

4. Why does Penelope Fittes want the Bone Glass?

The Golden Blade works for Penelope, so she’s not the hero everyone thinks she is.

Hopefully the character will play a big role in a second season, if the show is renewed, and it’ll be interesting to see why she’s so dark.

5. Can you tell me what happened to Anthony Lockwood’s parents?

Anthony tells Lucy and George that there should be no more secrets between them, so he’ll start by telling them the truth about his parents.


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