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Justin Bieber Sells Song Rights For $200 Million



Justin Bieber Sells Song Rights For $200 Million

(CTN News) – According to reports, Justin Bieber sold his music rights to Hipgnosis Songs Capital for $200m (£162m).

Baby and Sorry, two of the biggest hits of recent years, are owned by the firm.

The singer joins a growing number of artists who have cashed in on their catalogues.

As a result, Hipgnosis will receive payments whenever a song it owns is streamed or used on TV, radio, or in films.

In a $1bn deal, Blackstone and Hipgnosis Song Management acquired Justin Bieber publishing rights to 290 songs.

The company also acquired his share of the original master recordings.

It includes all of his music released prior to 31 December 2021.

AFP reported that the deal was worth around $200 million, but Hipgnosis has not revealed its terms.

Hipgnosis Songs Capital has also inked deals with Justin Timberlake and Leonard Cohen, who are selling stakes in their work to music funds.

The trend is more prevalent among older artists. Both Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen have sold their back catalog rights to Sony over the past two years.

In connection with the sale of his life’s work, Springsteen received an estimated $500 million (£376 million).

The analysis

In this article, Sean Farrington, presenter of BBC’s Wake up to Money and Today, discusses

There is a possibility that up-and-coming musicians will now pay as close attention to Justin Bieber’s pension plans as they do to his announcements regarding his upcoming music.

In the end, Justin Bieber had to make a decision – continue to reap the rewards every time one of his hits is played, or cash out now and sell the rights in one go. As for Justin Bieber, he thinks he’s better off with the latter. It is a move often made by singers much older than he is.

According to the investor who bought the rights: “It gives him an opportunity to put his money to work, and he’s de-risking his future.”

What is he intending to do with that money? Rihanna, the billionaire music star, might be able to offer him some advice.

Slide in the share price of the company

Due to the young age of his audience, he added that royalties are likely to continue pouring in for “60 or 70 years at least”.

It is the beauty of music that when these songs become hits, they become part of our lives and they live on forever,” Mercuriadis told BBC Radio 4.

In spite of this, the fund’s share price has fallen by more than 27% since this time last year due to waning investor interest.

The company’s share price was described by Mercuriadis in December as a “disappointment” although he stated that he was confident about its long-term profitability.

It should be noted that in the broader music market, people continue to listen to and pay for music despite today’s cost of living challenges. This is especially true of US audio streams passing the trillion mark for the first time ever.

As income flows through the collection process into Hipgnosis, these are all exciting indicators of future growth.

Despite not being involved in the Justin Bieber deal, the company’s share price rose by 1.6% after the announcement.


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