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Jack Harlow Will Double As a Musical Guest For Overworked SNL Hosts



Jack Harlow Will Double As a Musical Guest For Overworked SNL Hosts

(CTN News) – Last night, Megan Tee Stallion joined Jack Harlow the ranks of previous Saturday Night Live hosts who also pulled double-duty as the musical guest (a long list), and the NBC comedy institution is already getting ready to do it again:

SNL announced last night that its upcoming October 29 show.

Hosted and musically guested by Jack Harlow, the performer who has had an impressive year from “no one knows who he is” to “winning VMAs” to “hosting SNL

(although, as other musicians with similar journeys can attest, the journey is not without its challenges).

More out-of-touch people will ask “Who is Jack Harlow?” as October 29 approaches.

This year Jack Harlow released a new album called Come Home The Kids Miss You, and (as noted above) won Song Of The Summer at the MTV Video Music Awards for “First Class”-plus a few others for his work on Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby.”

As well as White Men Can’t Jump, he’s also starring in a remake, which Woody Harrelson said would be “a better movie than we made.”

The remake is being directed by Charles Kidd II, a.k.a. Calmatic, who is directing the remake of House Party as well as directing a musical video called “Old Town Road.”

Sinqua Walls, Lance Reddick, Teyana Taylor, and Vince Staples will star in the White Men Can’t Jump remake written by Kenya Barris.

To save you from having to go through the entire slideshow we published at the beginning of the season, we have correctly predicted zero hosts for this year’s show.

Perhaps we could get one episode with a lot of hosts since so many hosts are already doing double duty? Tom Cruise, Tim Robinson, and Quinta Brunson? Playing Joe Biden in a tired political sketch that is also a tired talk show parody?


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