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Who is Krista Mashore?

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Who is Krista Mashore?

Who is Krista Mashore? Famous real estate agents – not exactly the people that take up my brain space most of the time.

I am quite certain I am not alone in that, either. To my surprise, though, a lot of them actually have a lot to offer us in terms of life lessons.

This is of course extra true for anyone who is looking to become a realtor in the future.

So, today I would like to cover one of them in particular, as well as explain why the knowledge can come in handy.

Some of these agents even offer services in the form of coaching or mentorship.

If you look on websites like this one,, they often recommend having a mentor figure, so it is certainly worth considering.

Why Real Estate Agents?

You might be wondering why I am talking about them at all, and I would not blame you for that. Allow me to explain, though.

These professionals can teach us many lessons for the business world as a whole, not just this specific field.

That is because a lot of the standards of salesmanship span across multiple career paths.

To illustrate this to you, let us discuss why they are so important when it comes to trying to sell our homes.

After all, when push comes to shove, most of us would like to upsell our properties, and getting a realtor is one way to accomplish that.

Some would argue that it is in fact the only way to get it done, but I digress.

word image 161425 2 Obviously, we want them on our side because they bring important knowledge and expertise.

For example, did you know that most of them will not show homes to their clients that are “for sale by owner” (FSBO)? That sort of insider knowledge is just one example of this.

A lot of people underestimate the time that real estate takes, as well.  It is in fact a full-time job and trying to do that on your own is a considerable undertaking.

If you end up lacking free time, well…that is kind of your own fault if you go without one.

A realtor is an expert in their field who can do it for you.

As far as the lesson that we can garner from that, I would say that the main thing is delegation of tasks.

Many of us forget that we do not need to take everything onto our own shoulders.

The burden is not all on us, and we can bring in professionals to help. I think that is a valuable thing to remember in our lives in general.

When it comes to a real estate coaches, though, you might be wondering what they can bring to the table.

Well, obviously they can provide plenty of useful information to anyone who is looking to become a realtor themselves. Beyond that, though, what is there?

They can help us to understand the true value that comes with making friends and connections in the world of business.

It is often imparted onto us in our lives that we should try to talk to as many people as possible and make connections, but sometimes it feels like something we do word image 161425 3 not really need to listen to.That being said, it is a huge part of sales no matter what you are trying to sell.

I will use an example from my own life here to demonstrate this. When I was first starting college, I got a job selling kitchen knives and accessories.

A huge part of that job was having people to contact. I spent hours each day calling friends of friends and drawing upon my own social network to see if anyone would be willing to hear out my pitch.

Now, it might sound cynical to view each of our friends as a resource to draw upon, but sometimes that is just how it has to be.

We all do that with each other to some extent, so as long as you are willing to return the favor, you do not really need to feel any guilt for it.

What can we garner from this story, though?

Expanding your own contacts is something quite important, and that is a huge lesson that real estate coaches try to teach the professionals that they mentor.

What is the Real Takeaway Here, then?

Personally, I do not much care for the idolization culture that we have for most traditional celebrities.

There is not a whole lot that someone like a Kardashian can teach us, at the end of the day.

However, I do think that propping up professionals who excel in their fields can be a lot more valuable than that.

An example of this is the titular Krista Mashore, who is a realtor who offers coaching services.

As far as why I think that honoring professionals is more important than celebrities who bring little to the table, I will explain.

A lot of my thoughts are echoed in this blog post.

Working people make up the backbone of our country, and arguably the world.

They have a lot to offer us in terms of mentorship and simple demonstrations of strength, compassion, and commitment.

I would much rather read a book published by an ordinary person that I can relate to, and I am far from alone in that sentiment.

So, that is part of why I have written this article today. I hope that I have convinced you at least to some extent why this is important.

I know that it can be difficult not to be skeptical towards articles like this one, with everything that is out there on the internet right now.

However, this topic was one that truly spoke to me.

Next time that you are considering how to move forward in the business world, think back to some of the tips that I have offered you here today. It just might help you in the future, which is of course the goal!

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