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Hailey Bieber & Justin Bieber ‘Fight a Lot’, Their Marriage Is On The Rocks

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Hailey Bieber & Justin Bieber 'Fight a Lot', Their Marriage Is On The Rocks

(CTN News) – Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber, the couple famous for being married, are reportedly fighting a lot in their marriage, having problems.

In a report by the US news agency National Enquirer, Hailey is not taking Justin’s childish behavior well. She disagrees with Justin Bieber regarding his desire to have children.

Despite the couple attending the Super Bowl on February 11, they displayed different emotions during the event. It seemed that Justin desperately wanted to avoid Hailey, and he was becoming upset over the fact that his wife had enjoyed Usher’s performance at the halftime show.

Upon entering the room, there was a voice that said, “He seemed to want to be anywhere other than sitting beside his wife.”. At first, I was puzzled as to why he had bothered to come. He clearly did not enjoy himself because Usher’s performance, the game, or Hailey’s company were not to his taste.

As Hailey and Justin Bieber had as much fun as they could, Justin Bieber became more and more depressed! ”

The singer Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with Lyme disease in the year 2021, while his wife suffered a mini-stroke the following year before getting diagnosed with Patent Foramen Ovalis in the year 2022. They created rifts between themselves because of the fact that they were homebound.

It was not uncommon for them to spend most of their time at home in the past three years. There is still a lot of time they spend together from Hailey’s point of view, which she feels is too much. The sight of him literally makes her sick to her stomach! ” According to another source, that is what has been said.

Hailey, however, dislikes Justin Bieber lifestyle either.

In my opinion, living with a kid is just like living with a child. There are a few things she cannot stand about him, including the clothes he wears.

There is a lot of clinginess and neediness from him, and she is tired of being his nursemaid all the time. A source claimed that the couple has been fighting a lot lately.


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