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‘Cast Away’ Actor Tom Hanks Nearly Died From Poisonous Injury

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'Cast Away' Actor Tom Hanks Nearly Died From Poisonous Injury

(CTN News) – In a tragic twist of events, Tom Hanks almost died while working on Cast Away due to his unbridled passion for the role.

As a FedEx employee stranded on an island for five years following a plane crash, the 67-year-old actor starred in 2000’s survival film as Cast Away Chuck, a FedEx employee who gets stranded on the island for five years as a result of the collision.

During the shooting of the film, he underwent a rigorous transformation in order to embody the character who is disheveled, going to great lengths to deliver a realistic performance.

According to the Forrest Gump actor Forrest Gump in an interview with BBC in 2009, even though he got a cut on his leg while filming Cast Away, he almost died on the set because of the pain he was experiencing.

As a result of the infected cut that caused Hanks to have to remain in the hospital for a total of three days, he was treated in the hospital for the infection.

He explained to me that after the attack [Cast Away] sent me to the hospital after he was injured. There was something that I was infected with for three days and almost killed me during that time, believe it or not.

As he continued, the actor explained that he had an infection in his leg caused by a cut that was eating its way through it. I was unaware of what was happening, I just thought he had a sore.

Hanks added, “I went to my Cast Away doctor who took one look at me and told me, ‘I need to put you in the hospital because I have to get rid of this infection from your body before it poisons your blood and you die’,” he said.


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