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Brazen – Watch Alyssa Milano’s Movie Brazen on Netflix




Netflix’s new series Brazen offers you a twisty-turning murder mystery escape during this freezing January.

There’s a little bit of Fifty Shades of Grey, a little bit of Law & Order: SVU, and a whole lot of bonkers in this movie. It stars Alyssa Milano and Sam Page from The Bold Type. It’s a definite must-see!

Her’s Brazen About? and How You can Watch it On Netflix

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What is Brazen about?

Once again, Alyssa Milano will be taking her talents to the big screen, but from the comfort of their own homes this time.

Milano’s role in Brazen marks her first since Little Italy, in which she played Dora Angoli.

In the upcoming film, Milano plays Grace, who uncovers a web of lies surrounding her sister’s death.

Grace dives into the case of her sister’s murder despite warnings from Detective Ed, played by Sam Page, and discovers that her sister was living a “double life as a webcam performer,” according to the official synopsis.

What was the inspiration for the film?

The film is based on Nora Roberts’ book Brazen Virtue, which takes on a life of its own.

In 1988, the book topped the New York Times Best Seller list as a romantic suspense novel.

Alyssa Milano will play the lead role in the film adaptation of Roberts’ novel, but critics have complained about the casting of Roberts.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Roberts fans complained about her Facebook page in January 2021 that Milano’s openly liberal views made them uncomfortable and demanded that the role of Grace be recast or they would stop reading her books.

In addition to being a well-known actress, Milano is also an outspoken activist, who was instrumental in relaunching the #MeToo movement first started by activist Tarana Burke in 2006.

Aside from supporting Democratic candidates, she has emphasized the importance of wearing a mask during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Roberts expressed his delight at Milano’s casting in the Netflix adaptation of Brazen Virtue.

Where can I watch Brazen?

A release date for Brazen has been set for 3.30 am ET on January 14, 2022.

Fans will be able to watch the movie exclusively on Netflix.

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