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VIDEO!! Air Canada Flight to Paris Catches Fire After Takeoff: All Passengers and Crew Safe



Air Canada Flight to Paris Catches Fire After Takeoff All Passengers and Crew Safe

(CTN News) – The Air Canada plane that took off from Toronto Pearson International Airport caught fire shortly after taking off. This plane was going to Paris. It had 389 passengers on board and 13 crew members.

The crew immediately announced a distress signal called “PAN-PAN.” No one was injured or killed during this time, and the plane returned to the airport shortly after that.

On Friday, at 12:17 pm (Toronto time), the Boeing 777 aircraft began its departure. Shortly after takeoff, at 12:39 pm (Toronto time), the air traffic controller saw flames from the right engine and immediately alerted the crew. The ground passengers witnessed the fire emerging from the engine and captured the incident on their cameras.

Despite a backfiring engine on takeoff, a heavy plane full of fuel, low cloud thunderstorms, and repeated compressor failures, the pilots and their air traffic controllers were calm, competent, and professional.

Over the past several months, Boeing aircraft have been involved in several accidents.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield posted a video after the plane’s engine caught fire during takeoff, writing, “Great job by the pilots and their air traffic controllers, dealing with a backfiring engine on takeoff.” Despite heavy fuel planes, thunderstorms, and compressors shutting down repeatedly, competent, professional work, well done.”

At 1000 feet above ground level, the plane was in the air.

Additionally, he shared a YouTube video from ‘You Can See ATC’ that featured a recording of the pilot’s conversation with ATC. Air Canada pilots were alerted about smoke and fire 1,000 feet above the ground, as indicated in the video. The flight path in the video indicates that the plane continues to rise before stabilizing at 3,000 feet. During lightning and rain, the pilots smartly turned the plane and returned to Toronto at 2,800 feet altitude.

ATC permission allowed the distressed aircraft to land on runway 23. Firefighting vehicles were also kept on standby to provide assistance if needed.

Air Canada issued a statement.

Air Canada on X reported that a faulty compressor caused the fire. On June 5, flight AC872 returned from Toronto to Paris shortly after takeoff due to a compressor malfunction.

“Airlines reloaded passengers on another flight later that evening.”


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