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Thailand has Opened Vaccination Units to Provide Covid-19 Vaccines for Tourists



Thailand has Opened Vaccination Units to Provide Covid-19 Vaccines for Tourists

(CTN News) – Dr. Thares Krainairawiwong, director of the Department of Disease Control, stated on Friday that vaccination clinics must administer Covid-19 shots to Thais and foreign visitors equally while reiterating that Thailand has an adequate supply of vaccines for both domestic residents and visitors from other countries.

The Public Health Ministry has established immunization clinics in several locations to provide Covid-19 vaccinations to visitors.

The Institute for Urban Disease Control and Prevention, the Institute of Dermatology, and three hospitals—Rajavithi, Lerdsin, and Nopparat Rajathanee—are among the Bangkok-based organizations.

Foreign nationals may get a vaccination in regional hospitals outside of the capital.

Thares stated that some foreign nationals had obtained vaccines at hospitals in popular tourist areas, including Chiang Mai, Chonburi, Phuket, and Songkhla.

Thai nationals get the Covid-19 vaccine for free.

Foreign visitors must pay a medical service charge of 380 baht in addition to the vaccination’s price, which is 800 baht for AstraZeneca and 1,000 baht for Pfizer. Thai nationals get the Covid-19 vaccine for free.

According to Thares, the ministry has instructed immunization clinics to provide free vaccinations to Thai citizens and foreigners.

He stated Thais shouldn’t be concerned that these vaccination facilities would immunize visitors. He continued by saying that Thailand has enough Covid-19 vaccinations to treat Thais and visitors.

The Department of Disease Control is compiling a list of medical establishments that wish to provide vaccinations to visitors. There has already been interesting from more than 100 facilities.

According to Thares, vaccination units must maintain track of the fees received from each overseas beneficiary and turn in those documents for inspection to their parent organization and the Ministry of Finance.

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