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Yeezy And Trainer Fans: What Is Next For Kanye West?



Yeezy And Trainer Fans: What Is Next For Kanye West?

(CTN News) – In the history of Adidas, Kanye West’s Yeezy collaboration has been one of the most successful. The clothing giant, however, has dropped the rapper – known as Ye – for anti-Semitic remarks.

Adidas will make a net loss of £217m in 2022 after cutting ties with him, along with many other brands.

What lies ahead for fans of fashion, music, and the wider sneaker community?James Drury tells BBC Newsbeat that he was a fan of his. “He is a genius in the field of fashion and music.”

After Ye made anti-Semitic remarks, the 28-year-old is no longer a fan.

He suggests that he may be seeking attention in order to remain relevant. He is now a wee bit too far out there with me.

You cannot agree with certain things.”

It is a separate brand

Since 2016, James, from Shropshire, has been collecting Yeezy sneakers.

“It was more of a rarity,” he says. “When you see images of celebrities wearing them, you are immediately drawn to them.”

Despite Ye’s comments, he will continue to be a Yeezy collector.

Kanye West controls much of Yeezy, but for some reason I see it as a separate brand. Therefore, I will continue with it.”

What is the future for Ye?

Ye has lost his position on Forbes magazine’s list of billionaires. The loss of the Adidas partnership is estimated to reduce Ye’s net worth from $1.5 billion to $400 million (£1.3 billion to £349 million).

The rapper no longer has “the positive contributions he had all those years ago” in the world of fashion, according to Emily.

As for his next move, it will be interesting to see which brands will be brave enough to take him on.

James has not yet reached the point where he will be pressing skip on his tunes, but “it’s getting very close.”

“I think many people will turn off his music now, skip him, and place [his comments] before the music.”


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