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The Verizon $100M Class-Action Settlement: How To Claim

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The Verizon $100M Class-Action Settlement: How To Claim

(CTN News) – The deadline for eligible current and former Verizon customers to claim a portion of the $100 million settlement the wireless carrier reached over administrative charges has been extended.

There is a deadline for filing claims on Monday evening. In order to submit a claim, you must do so online or by mail. According to the settlement administration website, the designated portal for requesting a payment will close at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on November 30, 2018.

In order to qualify, claimants must be “current or former individual consumer account holders in the United States… who received Verizon postpaid wireless or data services between January 1, 2016 and November 8, 2023 and were charged an Administrative Charge and/or Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge.”

The portion of the settlement that eligible individuals will receive is expected to vary, with the base set at $15 with an additional $1 added on for each month they were subject to the administrative fee that prompted plaintiffs to sue, according to the settlement administrative website. There is a $100 limit on payments per account holder at the present time.

In accordance with the settlement reached in mid-November, Verizon will provide up to $100 million in total.

Ultimately, the lawsuit claims that the wireless service provider misrepresented itself by advertising its services at lower monthly rates than the actual rate it charges customers by not disclosing, or not including in the advertised price, the monthly administrative charge that “is imposed on each and every line bought by customers of its post-paid wireless service every month.”

There was no admission of wrongdoing or liability on the part of Verizon in the settlement agreement.

As part of its marketing, contracts, and billing, Verizon clearly describes and identifies the wireless consumer administration charge multiple times during the sales transaction.

As part of this charge, our company recovers certain regulatory compliance costs as well as network-related charges. “As always, Verizon remains committed to transparency and the clear disclosure of all consumer charges and fees,” Verizon spokesperson Rich Young stated to FOX Business in January.

The deadline for submitting settlement claims must be met in order for people to qualify for settlement payments. Moreover, failure to submit a claim by the deadline will also result in forfeiture of any potential legal actions related to the case in the future, according to the settlement website.


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