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Bitcoin Prices Are Not Important For Edward Snowden 

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Bitcoin Prices Are Not Important For Edward Snowden 

(CTN News) – There has been a decline of nearly 5% in the overall Bitcoin crypto market capitalization since yesterday, and a decline of 13% in the market for meme coins.

Despite the price drop, Bitcoin’s daily trading volume rose by 60%, suggesting that investors are in the process of selling their holdings more widely. There were also $55 million in net outflows yesterday from bitcoin ETFs.

As a whistleblower and computer intelligence consultant, Snowden is famous for leaking classified information from the National Security Agency and he took to social media to dismiss this panic that was being expressed.

In a short tweet, Snowden emphasized the fact that price is almost at the same level as it was a week ago, despite overnight liquidation, even though the price went down over the weekend.

It has been noted that Bitcoin has shown notable volatility whenever ETFs have experienced a net outflow of funds. However, Bitcoin’s price has remained solidly bullish over the course of this year despite monthly volatility.

The largest cryptocurrency started the year at $42,000 and has since rallied to $50,000 in February. BTC reached an all-time high of $73,000 in March, making it the highest value ever reached by BTC.

In spite of yesterday’s sharp movement in Bitcoin’s price, Snowden’s optimism stands to reason, as the fear and greed index still sits at ‘Greed’ even after yesterday’s sharp market downturn.

However, the altcoin market recorded the largest losses during the past 24 hours, as major tokens like Solana, XRP, and Avalanche have suffered nearly a 10% drop since yesterday.


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