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Entrepreneur Tyler King aims to Change America’s Criminal Justice System

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Entrepreneur Tyler King

Entrepreneur Tyler King: Doubtful citizens are not alone when they find themselves disappointed in the current justice system. There have been cases where innocent civilians were shot down without warning by police officers, or people spend decades behind bars for things that never happened. With citizens feeling disenfranchised from their own society- it’s clear we need a change now more than ever before.

What is surprising is how little people know about just how deep the justice system reaches into their lives. A person might say, I am an innocent individual who has never broken any rules before so it will never affect me. But, in reality, this system knows no boundaries – it can take away all hope of living a normal life if it wants to.

Meet Tyler King

word image 33 One of those people was Tyler King, a man whose history was filled with success in both business and military service. His past seemed clean as a whistle– until now.

One night, his thought-to-be perfect life was shattered. It all started when he received an FBI visit from them dressed up in tactical gear and weapons aimed at him; they proceeded to surround his house while shouting orders at him. With quick haste, they dragged him out of the front door onto the front lawn where he only had a pair of underwear on after being thrown in handcuffs – everything inside of his home was searched meticulously.

Puzzled and confused, he tried to understand what was going on, but all that would come to mind were meaningless questions. Nobody seemed to have anything meaningful to say about the situation. When investigators raided his house and confiscated everything from his phone to his computer, they interrogated him relentlessly – as if he really committed something criminal.

It’s only when time passed did Tyler realize why they were there. Somebody hacked into small company and looked through some old emails. The individual that looked through those emails was a friend of Tyler’s who used her work laptop from his house.

Tyler taught this friend some computer skills for a promotion she said she was after. He was only trying to give his friend a hand when she asked for it- teaching her how to do things online so that she could get ahead of others. But when she hacked into the company where she worked at, he found himself in trouble. He spent years living in fear because of the unproven rumors that surrounded him and always suspected there were ulterior motives behind US Prosecutors insistence on charging him with conspiracy. It made no sense because he had done nothing wrong!

Despite being offered a plea bargain, Tyler refused and insisted on the right to trial. As punishment for his defiance, the prosecutor took it out on him and added new charges by issuing a superseding indictment.

When the individual who looked at her boss’ emails was caught, instead of going to prison or paying a hefty fine, she agreed to testify for the government. She testified that she committed the crime, but Tyler’s information gave her the ability to do it.

The jury had no choice but to convict because of how conspiracy laws are written- even if you didn’t mean to commit a crime, just by helping someone in furtherance of a crime without criminal intent, you’re still guilty of conspiring together in this case. This is really unfair because there will always be criminals and people who break society’s rules- yet those who follow them most closely end up getting punished too, in this case more so.

What are the results of such inequity? Tyler serves six and a half years for a crime he did not commit, while the actual criminal (if you consider looking at your boss’ email a serious crime) walks free. How can this be justice when life is never equitable?

What Next?

Tyler did not back down when he faced several disappointments during his imprisonment; in fact, he was so resilient that others had started looking up to him. He set an example for these people with his idea of A Voice From Prison and fought for criminal justice reform and civil rights every single day inside prison. Just because you’re behind bars, doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference anymore.

After Tyler founded A Voice From Prison – an organization for prisoners’ rights, the day-to-day responsibilities were handled by volunteers since inmates can’t actually take care of business on their own due to prison regulations.

“What was once just about my experiences has turned into part of something much bigger – a quest for real change in the way we do things when it comes to how we perceive justice. To give voice to this cause and to find someone who might listen, I blog through Bureau of Prisons TrueLinks system which enables me to reach out to others and speak about my experience as well as gather data to support true change. More volunteers now work towards providing people information on what they can do in order to help change our view on criminal justice.” says Tyler the founder of the nonprofit organization.

Tyler King is the man behind a powerful, global management consulting firm before being incarcerated. At Assuras, he applied his true expertise to help others’ organization reach their full potential and find success through his keen eye for detail and deep understanding of how things work. As an expert consultant, Tyler specializes in bottom-up methodology to assist in implementing changes that will have a real, positive impact on individuals or organizations.

In this way, Tyler always maintains that anything can happen when you have hope and determination inside you – never giving up when the going gets tough or things don’t seem possible anymore because those small differences could mean everything.

He uses those same methods to affect change within the criminal justice system. Starting at the bottom, gathering the data, then working up to see where processes are broken or could be improved upon, he offers real insight into ways which lasting positive change can be instilled. His outreach from inside gives the general public an opportunity to see a rare side of society that is often overlooked.

At the end of the day, we are all responsible for taking ownership of our lives. Tyler King has proven that it is possible to take a negative situation and make something positive out of it.

The nonprofit advocate group he stated, A Voice From Prison is gaining traction and his story is getting public interest. It’s important we not forget these individuals, because after all, any one of us might end up in a similar position, even as we never intended to commit a crime.


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