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Southwest Airlines Meltdown In Denver, Declares Emergency

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Southwest Airlines Meltdown In Denver, Declares Emergency

(CTN News) – It’s a tough time to travel in the United States right now. Southwest Airlines Travel is at a record high around the holidays, and we are also experiencing some of the most severe winter storms in years.

Southwest Airlines’ situation in Denver appears to be more dire than that of thousands of other flights canceled.

“State of operational emergency” declared by Southwest Airlines

A state of operational emergency has been declared by Southwest Airlines at Denver International Airport (DEN), first reported by aviation watchdog @xJonNYC.

The policy began late on December 21 and will remain in effect until further notice. There aren’t nearly enough rampers on the airline at the moment, which is causing major problems.

According to an airline memo, “an unusually high number of absences” has been reported in the workplace. The airline states that it is responsible for customers and employees alike to run its operations in a safe and efficient manner.

Therefore, a state of operational emergency has been declared.

How shabby is Southwest Airlines operational performance?

At the moment, Southwest’s operational performance is horrendous. Accordingly, 32% of the airline’s flights were canceled and 52% delayed on Friday, December 23, 2022.

The number of flights that operated on time was only 16%. That hurts. Today doesn’t look much better than yesterday, but it isn’t as bad as yesterday (though it isn’t as terrible as yesterday).

On December 22, a Tampa to Denver flight was forced to return to Tampa because there weren’t enough ground crew to assist the flight. @xJonNYC also noted this. A nearly four-hour flight to nowhere ended up being operated by the airline. It hurts.

Southwest Airlines operational challenges from my perspective

Weather is a problem in many parts of the country, but Southwest seems to be struggling harder than elsewhere. I wonder what is transpiring on in Denver specifically that is causing this.

It is understandable that Southwest needs to operate reliably, but this memo appears borderline cruel. This is especially true for an airline that claims its employees are its greatest asset.

In their words, Southwest is committed to taking care of its employees, who will then take care of its customers.

In this case,

  • To force someone to travel to a doctor’s office for a note is ridiculous, especially when telemedicine is excluded (trying to discredit telemedicine also seems bizarre).

  • When we’re not feeling well, we should stay home to protect others. Southwest encourages sick people to come to work.

  • If a family member is suddenly ill or dying, you will have to decide between spending time with them and keeping your job if you threaten to terminate them.

In summary

Southwest Airlines’ Denver operation is more challenging than those of other airlines across the country. A state of emergency has been declared by the airline, and ramp workers are at risk of termination.

In addition, if they call in sick without a doctor’s note, or if a personal absence is necessary, they will be allowed to take time off.


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