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Salesforce’s Revenue Miss Since 2006 Sends The Company Plunging 21%



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(CTN News) – The Salesforce company’s stock dropped as much as 21% on Thursday, following the announcement that the company had experienced its first sales shortfall since 2006.

The stock was trading at $214.16 a share as of 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time this morning.

Investors were given the impression that enterprise software suppliers were still dealing with chronic macroeconomic issues as a result of the combination of revenue that was lower than expected in the first quarter and cautious forecasts for the second quarter.

The following is a list of the significant figures:

In contrast to the $9.17 billion that analysts had expected, the first quarter revenue came in at $9.13 billion.

Adjusted earnings per share for the first quarter came in at $2.44, which was higher than the $2.38 that analysts had projected.

The guidance for sales for the second quarter was between $9.2 billion and $9.25 billion, which was higher than the analyst projections of $9.37 billion.

The analysts at Citi noted in a research that was released on Thursday that “macro headwinds are back, and they’re bigger than they’ve ever been.” Analysts from Bank of America said that they were in agreement with the statement that “tough macros are catching up to Salesforce.”

Salesforce’s profitability was damaged by a number of factors, including an uncertain economic outlook, a protracted decline in the employment market, and the decision made by the firm to prioritize expenditures on generative artificial intelligence technologies. Regarding Salesforce’s strategy for generating income from generative artificial intelligence, there are still questions that have not been resolved.

Wall Street, on the other hand, is mostly supporting the software behemoth as a result of the large earnings miss it experienced.

Goldman Sachs defines Salesforce’s performance challenges as

“Cyclical headwinds” that will eventually pass. Goldman Sachs maintained its “Buy” rating for the firm.

With regard to both the macro and the micro levels, we believe that there are reasons to be optimistic. It was said by Goldman Sachs that there are a great deal of levers that the firm may pull in order to increase its profit margins. “We note both headwinds from interest rates easing, uncertainty abating after this year’s elections, and outsized growth potential from Gen-AI could all serve as growth catalysts,” the business stated in its announcement.

With the announcement that it sees “signs of greenshoes forming” and that the company’s stock price sell-off has an enticing risk/reward profile, Bank of America reaffirmed its recommendation to “Buy” the stock.

It is clear from the remarks that there are highly solid pipelines for a number of growth goods. The rise in subscriptions for the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud stayed consistent over the course of the year, which, according to Bank of America, indicates that the core business is doing rather well.

After reviewing their findings, Citi decided to keep its “Neutral” rating and take a more conservative position with regard to Salesforce.

“Valuation is undemanding at 20x EPS, 18x EV/FCF (FY25), but with slowing growth, lack of de-risked estimates and more active M&A we are comfortable on the sidelines awaiting improving growth or more evidence of Data Cloud/Gen AI momentum/monetization,” said the financial services company.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives came to the conclusion that Salesforce’s performance was a “small bump in the road” in a report that was released on Thursday. He also recommended that investors take advantage of the opportunity to purchase shares when it presented itself.

“We would be buyers on weakness this morning as seeing the forest through the trees this is a turnaround in motion for a premier tech stalwart with a massive installed base led by one of the best CEOs in the global tech landscape in our view,” Ives explained to investors.


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