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Prosecutors Claim Actor Nick Pasqual Stabbed His Ex-Girlfriend Several Times



Nick Pasqual
FILE - Police gather at a crime scene. (WTVC)

(CTN News) – According to the prosecution notice, Nick Pasqual, an actor, is suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend by stabbing her numerous times at her apartment in Los Angeles. The alleged death occurred at the residence of the ex-girlfriend.

President George Gascón, the district attorney for Los Angeles County, stated that Pasqual, who was 34 years old and had roles in both “Rebel Moon” and “Poor Paul” in addition to “National Day Riff,” assaulted the woman. Gascón also stated that Pasqual had roles in “National Day Riff.”

According to Gascón, Nick Pasqual was also involved in the production of “National Day Riff.” People who knew her were under the impression that she was Allie Shehorn, a cosmetics artist who worked in the Hollywood area. This was the consensus among those who knew her.

A news statement published by Gascón stated that Nick Pasqual was arrested and charged with attempted murder, first-degree residential burglary, and one crime of attacking a husband, cohabitant, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, or child’s father on Wednesday.

In addition, Pasqual was charged with one count of assaulting a child’s father. Along with that, Pasqual was charged with one count of causing injury to the father of a child. Additionally, Pasqual was charged with one count of assaulting a mother.

This charge was brought against him. When it comes to the maximum punishment that can be imposed in the event of a conviction, Gascón asserts that the maximum sentence is life in state prison. This is the maximum punishment that can come about.

In addition, Gascón stated that Nick Pasqual tried to break into Shehorn’s residence on May 23 at approximately 4:30 in the morning. Gascón added that Shehorn “had recently filed a restraining order against Nick Pasqual,” and that Pasqual had broken the conditions of the order.

Nick Pasqual also breached the order, Shehorn said.

The individual in question “personally used a knife during the commission of the crime” along with having “inflicted great bodily injury upon the victim under circumstances involving domestic violence,” according to the release of information. This pair of occurrences took place simultaneously with one another.

Based on the information that was provided by Gascón, it appears that Shehorn was taken to the hospital with a number of significant injuries.

In a GoFundMe campaign that was launched to help Shehorn with her medical expenditures, it was revealed that she had undergone a number of operations since the tragedy that occurred. Providing Shehorn with financial support was the objective of the endeavor that was being made.

Pasqual is said to have fled the scene of the crime and was subsequently captured at a border station in Sierra Blanca, Texas, which is situated between the United States of America and Mexico, as stated by Gascón. It is planned that he will be extradited to the county of Los Angeles, as stated in the plans.

“I want to express my deepest condolences and let the Nick Pasqual victim know that my thoughts are with them during this terrible incident,” Gascón said in his statement.

“I am truly sorry for what has happened.” We want her to be aware that our office, which includes our Bureau of Victim Resources, is here to give her assistance and resources as she begins the protracted and painful process of recuperating from the emotional and physical anguish that was inflicted upon her.

This is something that we want her to know. Our intention is for her to be aware that we are here to assist her. The horrible incident serves as a crystal clear illustration of the risks that are associated with verbal or physical abuse that occurs within the confines of the family.

It is our intention to take the Nick Pasqual required efforts in order to guarantee that the person who is responsible for this heinous behavior will be held accountable for their acts.


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