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Quality Manager – Remote Vacancy From Uss-Express LLC

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Quality Manager - Remote Vacancy From Uss Express LLC

If you want it, you can get a good job in Uss Express

The pandemic and lockdown brought a lot of changes to the employment market. Many organizations all over the world have to adapt their working environments to new conditions, which appeared to be quite difficult. Logistics is an industry that suffered a lot because of this. The trick is that many workers in this sector can just work remotely. Despite that, if the remote job is your priority, you still can find home packing jobs. We will review such a vacancy today.

This is the quality manager vacancy offered by Uss-Express. During the pandemic, it helped a lot of workers to earn good money. Even though the position is very popular among the applicants, Uss-Express is still looking for more specialists. Curious about such prospects? Here are the basic things you should know about this job.

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Pros and cons of a remote position

First of all, this is a remote job. Such a condition became quite popular for shipping jobs from home during the lockdown. Surprisingly, it also turned out to be efficient. At least, Uss-Express managed to show optimistic results with quality managers working remotely.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a remote position in the Uss-Express company? Consider the following:


  • manageable work schedule – you can make it more flexible if you need more time for your private life;
  • the maximum salary of a full-time worker can reach up to $3,200;
  • this work from home packing and shipping vacancy doesn’t require you to have special knowledge of the business or specific qualifications;
  • one of the best packing jobs from home in terms of entry-level;
  • you can receive a very valuable experience of working with the world’s biggest retailers without leaving your home.


  • ensure your employer that your apartment or house has proper conditions to collect different types of products;
  • the workflow is very intensive for full-time employees.

These are the most common disadvantages we found in the reviews of current and former quality managers of Uss-Express. If you want to learn more, feel free to google testimonials.

What should a quality manager do?

A quality manager position isn’t just a packing job at home. As you can guess from the title of the position, this employee is responsible for the quality. This aspect is one of the most important things in international shipping. That’s why it’s important for the company to make sure that the employee can cope with the well-defined set of duties. Basically, a quality manager is responsible for:

  • checking the content of packages;
  • verifying the quality of inventory;
  • checking the quality of packing materials;
  • shipping parcels to required addresses.

The company’s reputation and what do they say about it?

The reputation of the shipping company should be important not only to clients but to potential employees. Some beginners neglect this aspect when applying for packing from home jobs. But this is a mistake. If you choose a shipping company with a positive image in the market, you will make a great contribution to your further career. Employees will be more eager to hire you if they see that you had experience in a well-established delivery agency.

We estimate the reputation of Uss-Express from testimonials of clients on different review platforms. The figures show us that we shouldn’t be concerned about this aspect.

Platform Score
Indeed 4.5
Trustpilot 4.5
Ambitionbox 4
Glassdoor 4.4

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You will work if you pass all the steps

If you want to work from home shipping packages in the Uss-Express delivery agency after reading this review, we recommend you to apply for the vacancy. Don’t start creating your resume, it’s useless. Just make sure to have a physical address, printer, smartphone, and laptop. These are the main requirements for candidates. If you meet them and you’re older than 18, just fill in the application form on the site and take a 10-minute job interview. God-bless-you!

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