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Developing A Preventive Maintenance Plan From The Scratch – Few Ideas For FMs



Developing A Preventive Maintenance Plan From The Scratch – Few Ideas For FMs

What is the key to boosting reliability, curbing costs, and extending the lifespan of equipment? It is maintaining a proper preventive maintenance plan on the right assets.

You’ll be rather surprised to know that manufacturers and facility managers that rely entirely on reactive maintenance lose nearly $10,000 to $250,000 per every hour of downtime.

Small businesses lose around $137 to $427 per minute of downtime due to reactive maintenance.

Downtime doesn’t affect any two businesses in the same way but the result is always the same.

The company suffers by losing their resources that could have been used somewhere else.

In case you belong to this category, you should immediately know how to design a preventative maintenance plan.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to begin from the scratch, regardless of the size of the business or the industry you are in.

Set well-defined goals

The most common obstacles that companies face while starting off with the preventive maintenance plans are:

  • Not enough manpower, insufficient finances and lack of time
  • Uncertainty regarding the assets that need PM before others
  • Ineffective systems for preventive maintenance management

The best thing is that you can get a total productive maintenance software with the help of which maintenance become even easier.

It is not always necessary to perform scheduled maintenance on every single asset. You also don’t require a massive budget to develop a systematic database that supports continuous results.

You can ask the maintenance technicians, machine operators and other stakeholders to give in their inputs.

Take an inventory of the assets you want to include in the plan

Once all technicians are on board, get an inventory of all the assets and equipment you wish to include in the preventive maintenance plan.

When you devise a preventive maintenance strategy, it is important to track asset history.

When you monitor the asset data, this will make sure you don’t conduct too much of maintenance on a single asset at the cost of others.

This will reveal spending patterns, optimal timeframes for replacement of assets, worker inefficiencies and also help in optimizing the program.

Details to take into account are the model or make of the asset, its serial number, category, unit number, specifications, location, team or department responsible for maintenance, and high-cost parts related to the asset.

Utilize the most appropriate technology

In order to make your PM strategy effective, technology is certainly one of the most vital ingredients to take into account.

By leveraging the best digital solution, this lets you arrange all sorts of smaller tasks that are needed for your company to adapt a preventive maintenance mindset.

While choosing the best repair and maintenance technology, there are several factors that should be kept in mind.

Some such factors are capabilities of the asset, the budget, the skill set of your team, data security, team preference, and much more.

Ease of use is the most important factor to keep in mind while choosing a CMMS. Whenever a system is too tough to crack, it won’t be used effectively.

Schedule the PMs

After setting the right KPIs and after conducting a critical analysis, this is the stage when you finally have to schedule the preventive maintenance tasks.

The experts suggest you that you shouldn’t go for handling everything at once.

Rather, it is recommended that you create a yearly maintenance plan before you make the mistake of breaking down high priority tasks into short-term schedule.

You may use a user-friendly CMMS to oversees, assigns, and adjusts tasks and makes preventive maintenance much easier.

Therefore, if you’re trying to spruce up your company operations by improving the lifespan of your assets, you should invest in preventive maintenance plan.

Set up your entire team by engaging your efforts with a mobile-friendly CMMS platform.

They offer a user-friendly platform for busy facility managers who don’t get time to keep up with maintenance operations.

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