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Different Types Of Car Accidents in Miami



Different Types of Car Accidents in Miami

Car accidents are one of the most common and costly auto accidents in the United States. In Miami, Florida, car accidents are an inevitability.

In fact, they have become a common sight. To find out what types of car accidents happen most often in Miami and how to avoid them, read on!

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Let us now see into different types of car accidents prevalent in Miami.

1. Rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions offend more than 60% of fatal car crashes. This type of collision is caused by a driver who follows too close behind another car. It is also a common type of crash that occurs because of distracted drivers.

2. Side impact and side swipe collisions

Vehicles can collide with each other right side when one of them turns right, left, or to the opposite side and hits the other vehicle.

This type of accident is common, particularly among drivers who get distracted and lose attention while driving.

3. Head-on collisions

This type of crash happens when both drivers are driving in opposite directions and then they fail to control the speed while hitting each other at the head. In most cases, it is caused by drivers who do not pay full attention to their driving and drive carelessly.

4. Rollover accidents

One of the most common types of car accidents, rollover accident is the result of a driver losing control of their vehicle and falling out of it.

This is when the driver loses control because of a malfunctioning or weak suspension system or tire and then is left rolling on the road. These accidents are often caused by overloaded cars.

5. Distracted driving accidents

A recent report showed that more than a third of fatal accidents are caused by distracted drivers.

Police have seen increasing incidents of drivers who are texting and driving, browsing the internet, or talking to passengers on phones. They often lack attention while driving and increase the chances of leading to an accident.

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