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United Nations Reports Children at Risk as Internet Exposure Rises

  – CHIANG RAI – Governments and the private sector have not kept up with the game-changing pace of digital technologies as more children get exposed to the internet. With digital technologies such as cell phones, computers, tablets and games having become ubiquitous and at least one in three internet users being a child, this […]

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Three Must-Visit Places in Chiang Rai

– CHIANG RAI – Situated in the northern part of Thailand, Chiang Rai slips under the radar of tourists as the area is not as popular as its neighboring city Chiang Mai. However, Chiang Rai actually offers one-of-a-kind attractions, varying from a majestic white temple to Akha tribe tradition, which cannot be found anywhere else. […]

September 9th, 2017 | Posted in Chiangrai in the Media,Tourism News | Read More »

Learning Akha hill tribe’s way of living in Pha Mee village

    CHIANG RAI – The Akha’s giant swing, located on the hill of Pha Mee village in Mae Sai district, Chiang Rai, Thailand, was made of woods, ropes and tire. No safety equipment was seen around the swing, only a villager controlling one rope on the side. Our guide, who is also Local Alike […]

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Thailand’s Social Development Ministry Offers Free Course for Thai Women Who Marry Foreigners

– AYUTTHAYA – Thailand’s Social Development Ministry is offering a free course to help Thai women cope with the highs and lows of interracial marriage and avoid potential scams or falling victim to human trafficking when moving abroad. As Thai society becomes more accepting of interracial marriages, some women view them as a way to […]

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Can Thailand’s Latest ‘Superfood’ Fortify its Struggling Farmers?

– CHIANG MAI – Riceberry, Thailand’s latest “superfood, would seem to have it all: An enticing deep purple color and tender texture; disease-fighting properties from antioxidants to zinc; and a nutty flavor that lingers pleasantly on the palette. It is one of several high quality, organically grown rice varieties that are slowly eating into the […]

July 29th, 2017 | Posted in Chaingrai Farming & Agriculture,Health | Read More »

Migrant Workers in Thailand Victims of a Broken System

    BANGKOK – With only meagre belongings stuffed into backpacks and duffel bags, tens of thousands of Myanmar migrants have streamed home across the Thai border over the past two weeks. But it is not a joyous homecoming for the truckloads of men and women, who fled Thailand in fear of a new law […]

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Heartfelt Plea from 10 Year-Old Girls Brings Help from Governor in Phitsanulok

– PHITSANULOK – A 10-year-old student’s letter describing her family’s poverty and fear their ramshackle home would fall down in a strong wind has touched the governor’s heart, and help is forthcoming. Siriporn Suthinphueak, a student of Prathom 5 in Wat Mahavanaram School in tambon Hua Ror of Muang district, addressed her handwritten plea to […]

June 12th, 2017 | Posted in Lifestyles,Northen Thailand,Regional News | Read More »

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Learning Thai with Jen
Learning Thai with Jen