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Thai Junta Cuts Healthcare Effecting 48 Million People Covered by Universal Health Care System

– BANGKOK – Thailand’s National Health Security Office (NHSC) has expressed concern that cutbacks in the Junta’s budget for free health care from 3,374.70 baht to 3,100 baht per head per year will affect the health service quality in state hospitals. The NHSO is the public organization responsible for administering accessible healthcare for all Thai […]

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Thailand’s Department of Health Hands out Prenatal Vitamins on Valentines Day

. . BANGKOK – Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Thai Department of Health was handing out pills it called “very magical vitamins” to prospective mothers to boost the country’s falling birthrate. Government employees from the Ministry of Health took to the streets of Bangkok on Tuesday to distribute 1 million baht’s worth of […]

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Uber Thailand Launches “UberEATS” Restaurant Food Delivery Service in Bangkok

. . BANGKOK – Uber Thailand has partnered with the Business Development Department to promote Thai restaurants via its application UberEATS, which the company say will create opportunities for Thai restaurants to serve consumers using food-delivery technology. Allen Penn, regional general manager for Asia-Pacific of UberEats, said if you want to get the food you […]

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Thailand’s Ministry of Health Sets Aggressive Target to Reduce Teen Pregnancy

. . BANGKOK – The Ministry of Public Health has set a target to reduce teenage pregnancy by 50 percent within 2026 as the pregnancy rate among girls and teenagers aged from “10” to 19 had now risen to 15 percent of all pregnancies, Public Health Minister Piyasakol Sakonsattayathorn said on Wednesday. According to the […]

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Thailand Becomes First Country in Asia to Eliminate Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

. . BANGKOK – The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that Thailand has become the first Asian country to eliminate mother-to-child HIV transmission. Thailand has become the first Asian country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV, thanks to a pragmatic multi-sector response backed by strong political commitment and heavy government investment, a study […]

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How to Do a Mental Detox – Clearing Negative Thoughts

. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we focus so much on getting fitter, healthier, cleaning our diets and detoxing our bodies.  But what about detoxing our minds for a better, happier mental state? For many Thai people, this means going to a Vipassana meditation retreat, usually in a remotesetting at a forest temple […]

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Health Officials on Alert as Haze Reports Grow in Northern Thailand

. . CHIANG RAI – Health official in Northern Thailand are closely monitoring the looming haze situation, amid threats to the health of people and the economy from the smog. The Public Health Ministry is now on alert as local residents in Chiang Rai and other northern provinces have reported seeing a growing amount of […]

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