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How to Make the Right Animated Video for your Business?



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Animated marketing videos for business is tricky. Usually creating an animated video is not difficult. But to do high-quality work that will fit your business, the task is already more difficult. Therefore, today we will look at how to do this.

These videos are intended for those looking to increase sales through effective product presentations. And such videos are effective because they win over the client and quickly convey the basic information to the client in a beautiful form and encourage them to buy.

They warm up the client, increase the time a client spends on the site, increase sales, and increase trust.

The tasks of any video, in addition to a detailed description and information about the product and its features, include the sale itself.

The popularity of video content, as well as content in general, is growing and this cannot be denied. Animated videos like these have become especially popular, which is not surprising since they really produce results.

Now let’s move on to some tips to help you create a video just for your video:

Council number 1. Collection of information

Here it is important to understand to whom and why you are selling your product, what are its main advantages, how you differ from competitors, and what is your unique selling proposition.

You also need to decide on such criteria as:

-The length of the video (the video should not be tightened, the maximum length of such a video is 2 minutes, after which people lose concentration. However, you should not make videos for 15-20 seconds – this is too little)

-Sound (female or male, or even better to do without it)

-Depending on the orientation of your business – select the desired language for the video (Russian, English, etc.)

-Style (formidable, business, humorous, childish, funny, etc.)

You need to take this stage seriously – this is the basis for your video.

Council number 2. Importance of the script

The script is like a foundation, which is of great importance. If the foundation cracks, the entire effectiveness of the roller can collapse. Describe everything in as much detail as possible, then select the most important and embed it in the video.

Be sure to include your offer, product information, and benefits in the video. You can also include a small case on the example of the hero of the video, make a call to action, we recommend using a lead magnet. The better you think through the script, the more likely the video will shoot and bring you benefits.

According to Riot Video Marketing, the script is one of the most important aspects of production.

Council number 3. Video design and sound design

Work it out to the smallest detail – sound design creates the overall appeal of the video, making it livelier, more energetic and better impacting potential customers when even the smallest details are emphasized by a clear and unique sound.

If you make the video yourself, you don’t have to focus too much on this – it’s still very painstaking work. If you do decide to order a video from professionals, make sure that the video design matches the examples you were guided by before creating the video, and that the sound design is taken into account even in the smallest details.

So, the viewer will have more positive impressions from the video.

Council number 5. Video output to the top and analytics

After creating a video, you need to put it on the network, but before that, it needs to be optimized so that it is found for the desired key request and gains views of your potential customers.

The most commonly used video upload sites are YouTube and Vimeo. The best analytics, according to many marketers, comes from YouTube. In this analytics, you can track many indicators, but we recommend that you pay special attention to such as:

-average video viewing time;

-clickability (CTR– if you have annotations configured);

– audience retention;

An example of an animated video on the example of our agency


Now you know how to create an effective animated video. Use these tips and increase your profits!

According to, the world of video production is evolving fast every year so it is important to keep up with the latest trends and technology.

Stop torturing your clients with long and boring texts! Visualize information! After all, thanks to videos, you begin to build relationships with the client even before your manager contacted him.

And then your video will definitely be perfect for your business.


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