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Weather authority: Frigid Overnight to Seasonably Warm Weather on Wednesday




Seasonal temperatures will return on Wednesday after a polar vortex plummeted temperatures into the teens and 20s on Tuesday with a biting wind chill that felt like it was in the single digits.

Temperatures are predicted to remain brutally cold overnight, with winds from the northwest bringing conditions down into the teens. Due to the continued rush of cold air, it will feel like it is 13 degrees in Philadelphia around midnight and early in the morning.

When the winds die down on Wednesday morning, weather conditions will improve, FOX 29’s Kathy Orr said. Due to sunshine, temperatures will be in the teens and 20s in the morning and in the 40s in the afternoon.

The weather is expected to be similar on Thursday, but the temperature will be a few degrees cooler. The weekend looks to have a seasonable start on Friday. However, there will be a significant drop into the 20s on Saturday. This will result in a chance of snow Sunday night into Monday morning.


WEDNESDAY: Seasonable and sunny. High: 44, Low: 20

THURSDAY: Partly sunny. High: 47, Low: 30

FRIDAY: Dry, chilly. High: 40, Low: 32

SATURDAY: Bitter cold. High: 24, Low: 14


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