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Tornado Watch in Chicago As Severe Weather Hits Again



Tornado Watch in Chicago As Severe Weather Hits Again

Tornado alarms momentarily went off Saturday evening as forecasters cautioned of turning storm frameworks, yet a tornado watch was permitted to lapse Saturday night.

A line of solid tempests that blew through the Chicago region Saturday overflowed streets and had meteorologists watching out for cloud revolutions that could spell tornadoes.

At any rate 1.33 creeps of downpour had fallen at Midway Airport starting at 7 p.m. Saturday, as per National Weather Service meteorologist Jake Petr. O’Hare air terminal had seen not exactly an inch of downpour.

Downpour sums may have been higher in different pieces of the city — extra figures wouldn’t be accessible until Sunday morning — however there were various reports of standing water and flooding in homes, as indicated by Petr.

A flood warning is in actuality for a large part of the space until 9:15 p.m.

Flooding shut down a bit of the Eisenhower Expressway for a few hours, growling traffic all through the city.

Chicago fire authorities cautioned drivers to keep away from overflowed viaducts, and suggested that if the water level came to higher than the wheel edge of the vehicle, drivers shouldn’t enter them.

There were different reports of vehicle’s slowed down in rising waters Saturday evening, however even drivers who endured could hazard hurting their vehicle’s stopping mechanism, they said.


Tornado alarms blastd momentarily in pieces of Chicago Saturday evening, yet a tornado cautioning was permitted to terminate after revolution mists ignored the North and Lower West sides of the city.

The alarms came only days after a tornado tore through a few rural areas west of the city and left in excess of 100 homes harmed.

Showers and tempests could show up throughout the following 24 hours, particularly along and southeast of Interstate 55, the climate administration said.

A 40% possibility of downpour was figure for Sunday morning and evening, with more tempests conceivable Sunday evening, yet “not exactly what we saw today,” Petr said.


SOURCE : chicago.suntimes

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