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Ways to Include People Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding



white dress, Ways to Include People Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding

Yes! We have all been there. I mean that feeling of knowing that your best friend or a close family friend is not going to be present on your wedding day. However, it is often comforting to realize that people are busy with their own life, and it should not be a sin if they fail to show up on every occasion where they have been invited. While you might not feel comfortable celebrating an important milestone in your life without the presence of your closest allies, there are still ways you can get them involved in some or all of the activities that happened there.

The following ideas might be useful;

Respect them by sending them an invite letter regardless

Yes, this sounds like an extra cost since you have known they are not going to be present. However, you can still extend that courtesy to them by sending them an invite as this kind of gesture is beneficial to both parties. One thing is that such a letter will serve as a remembrance. Of course, you want your friend to see that letter where they keep and reminisce about the time you had your wedding or when you met your lover. Prepare to include their names among those that will be getting your invite letter even though you know they are not going to be available.

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Use the power of Livestreaming to your advantage

The surge of the Corona Virus pandemic about two years ago has made everyone realized how it is possible to virtually live their life and carry out their daily activities without physical presence. People have started conducting meetings on Zoom and most people even attested to the fact that they enjoy online weddings better. That said, you can take advantage of many of the available live streaming services to help stream your wedding live so that people can have access to attend without being physically present. In fact, you can talk to your videographer about this to see how it can work better.

Mention their names in a Shout Out

If you and your lover are going to deliver a thank-you talk after the whole celebration, then you can try to include the names of friends who are going to be absent. Doing this gives them a sense of being there physically while they are actually not there.

Call the service of a good videographer and photographer

It is a good idea to record the moment in both videos and pictures form. You can send the videos and pictures to friends and families who couldn’t make it to your wedding party for one reason or another. In fact, you can have your photographer duplicate some photos so that there are enough to share among friends to keep. For instance, if you send some pictures and recorded videos of the event to your friends who were not there, they will mostly ensure that they keep these moments with them and can always talk about a time you had your wedding anytime they see those pictures in their gallery.

Do a buck’s party

If a section of your male friends has informed you that the date you fixed for your wedding is not feasible for them to attend, you can organize a bucks party before the wedding day and invite this circle of friends. For instance, they might have a business deal to attend to on that day. But if you organize a buck party before the wedding day, this would ensure they don’t really miss out too much. However, it is often important that you plan your bucks party very well so that it is not going to be boring. You don’t need to stress yourself too much planning your bucks party as there are dedicated professionals that can help you handle out without compromising on quality. You can take a look at bucks party Brisbane as they have master services that can wow your friends and make them want to attend your party.

Send them some goodies

Since they couldn’t make it to your wedding party, you can send them some food items, wines, and cakes from the wedding party. They will appreciate this and this will help foster better friendship. The gift items can be sent to them on the wedding day or a day after to keep the moment alive.

Give them a call

If there are family members who cannot mainstream the event for one reason or another, you can decide to give them a call shortly after the wedding so they can get to speak with you and your wife. This will also give them a feeling that they are enjoying your best moment with you.


There is no more excuse. Now, you can have your friends and families enjoy your wedding party with you even when they are not physically present there. All that you have to do is following the tips in this article.

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