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How To Make A Document Look Professional In 6 Easy Steps



How To Make A Document Look Professional In 6 Easy Steps

Now that it is clear that your document should look professional, here are some tips that will help you to make your document look professional:

Whether you are creating a CV for a new job position or making a presentation to show in the next meeting or sending a letter to a client, the wrong format and design make a negative impression and if your document isn’t looking professional then you will also be considered as non-professional.


1. Choose The Right Document Format

Choosing the right document format can make a huge difference if you want your document to look professional. Most people choose Word for creating documents since it is easier to edit documents in Word and integrate other elements into the document but one drawback of using word documents is its visibility.

This is the problem with word documents that if you create the document on one device and view it on any other device then the layout and the elements of the document will look distorted. To fix this problem, you can use PDF for displaying your documents since PDF documents appear as they are, whether you view them on a mobile phone or PC.

There are different platforms available such as Lua PDF Editor where you can convert Word to PDF in just a few seconds and if you want to make changes to the documents then you can convert PDF to Word back anytime you want to.

2. Paragraph And Line Spacing

Paragraph and line spacing can make a huge difference in text readability. Trying out different line spacing and paragraphs can make your document easy to read and more attractive.

Paragraph spacing is when you are changing the space above a paragraph or below a paragraph between two paragraphs while line spacing is the amount of space in between lines of the text.

Both line and paragraph spacing can make a huge impact on text readability. For instance, if you are using line spacing of 1 pt then changing it to 1.2 pt will make a huge difference.

3. Use The Two-Font Rule

If you are sticking to default fonts then chances are that your document isn’t gonna look very professional. Continually using default fonts for professional documents may give others the impression that you are a person who is not creative enough and boring.

Using the two-font rule will help your documents to look professional. Instead of using the default fonts for professional documents, you can use a separate font for the heading and another one for the body text. Also, make sure that headings are larger and bolder than the body text. This will create a nice visually appealing professional document.

4. Use The Left Alignment

For professional documents, using the Left Alignment is always the best option. We are accustomed to seeing justified alignment in newspapers, books, and novels but for professional documents, it is not the right option.

If you want to make your document look professional then you should create a sense of formality with your document. Choosing left alignment for text creates jaggedness on the right side but keeps other elements such as letter-space the same.

5. Keep Things Simple

One thing that you should know is that to make your document look professional, you should try to keep things as simple as possible. When creating a document in any format, whether it is Word or PDF, you should make sure that you are focusing more on content and then on formatting guidelines.

The main point of focus should be content as this will be the thing that you will be presenting to other people. Formatting guidelines only exist to help the content that you created to be easier to read and understand.

For professional documents, using different colors and other eye-catching elements is going to be a distraction. You should keep everything simple and maximize white space to make the document look professional.

6. Add Visual Elements

If you are creating a data-driven report then you should consider adding images inside a paragraph so that the image can support the text but this is only when you are creating a data-driven report, in other instances, images can affect the readability of the text.

A better alternative to using images is using other visual elements such as tables, charts, and graphs that are visually more appealing and blend in with the body of the document.

You can easily add graphs, charts, and tables through Word documents and integrate them with the body of the document.



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