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How To Make Your App/Game Find Success In Thailand



How To Make Your App/Game Find Success In Thailand

Thailand is a huge market for games and apps, it is the 20th most popular country in the whole, and more than half of the country’s population own a smartphone. If you are looking to release an app or game in the Thailand market then you should know that the market has a lot of potentials and it could mean a huge profit for you but before you make such a move, here are some things that you should keep in mind to make your app/game successful in the Thailand Market:

Do Proper Market Research

You should do proper research before launching a game in any market and in Thailand, Competitive multiplayer games are very popular especially battle royales, massively multiplayer online role-playing games, a massive online battle arena, and strategy games very popular and they generate very high revenue in Thailand. Some popular titles from these categories include PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBGM), Ragnarok M, and Mu Origins.

If you want to drive more revenue and user engagement then you should target the popular categories and include new content and in-game events related to Thai users through game updates.

If you are looking to launch an App/Game then make sure that you also do proper market research before. If you are launching a Scrabble Word Finder app then know that it won’t be very much popular in the region. The popular categories in the country include social, entertainment, and dating apps.

Optimize The App/Game For Mid-Tier Devices

While most of the smartphone users in Thailand have upgraded over to better phones that have better specs but still a huge majority of the users own mobile phones that belong to mid-tier and usually have mid-tier specs. The internet coverage including 3G and 4G is strong in Thailand but for some people, the cost of affording the internet is a big consideration. You should make sure that you optimize your app/game for both low-end devices and high-end devices.

For instance, if you have developed an app that consists of a bunch of simple games such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, etc then you keep both the initial APK size and the total size of the app manageable. If your game is a graphics-intensive game then you should squeeze and keep the total app size to download under 1 GB because anything over this and most users would download it. Plus, it should be optimized for phones with lower specs so it should crash, freeze, or provide a poor user experience.

Use Localized Pricings

Since most of the consumers in Thailand have lower incomes as compared to other, developed markets, it is important that you keep the pricing localized. Instead of offering the packs in US Dollars, you should introduce them in localized currency. For instance, if you are offering a starting package for $1USD then you should use the localized currency and try to keep the prices lower than other markets.

Since Subscriptions are new in Thailand, you should also offer some promotions and discounts to gain traction. For instance, you can offer a free trial for a week to help the consumers consider your offer.

Adapt To The Cultural Nuances

Since Thailand is a huge market, you should adapt to the cultural nuances and include more of the local cultural things into the game. It will make the users like it as it was made especially for them. You can introduce characters into the game or costume that are similar to the local culture and it will make the users engage with your app or game.

You can also try another strategy and that is to celebrate local celebrations and festivals in the game. You can introduce a new event in the game that reflects a local festival and it will make the users more interested in the game since it reflects their local culture.

Provide The Content In The Native Language

You should also make sure to provide the in-game content in the native language. If you are targeting the Thai market then you should not only translate the text in Thai but also make sure that the design looks great in Thai. You should also avoid reducing the font size in order to make the text fit as it could become unreadable and instead of translating whole sentences, you can try using symbols and images to help shorten the length.


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