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5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise That Will Change Your Life Completely

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The benefits of Exercise are well known by a now-the increase in energy, better sleep, the aid in fighting certain health conditions. Your fitness routine can be completely revolutionized by where you exercise. Honestly.

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about joining the next trendy new gym or spending hundreds on the next SoulCycle competitor. You only need to look outside your window to find one of the best workout spots in your area.

1. Exercising outdoors could help boost your mental health.

Exercising outdoors could improve your overall state of mind — and mental health is an important aspect of physical fitness. According to a 2021 study of more than 20,000 people, those who exercise more, specifically those who exercise outdoors, experience less depression and anxiety than those who do not exercise.” The results of a 2021 analysis of 14,231 records and 50 studies on the benefits of outdoor activities found that participants who engaged in “nature-based interventions” such as gardening, outdoor exercise, and nature-based therapy for 20 to 90 minutes a day for several weeks had “improved mental health outcomes,” including those with pre-existing mental health issues..”

2. The benefits of outdoor exercise provide unique challenges for your body.

As you exercise outdoors, your body is constantly challenged by the constantly changing environment. According to the American Council on Exercise, “the harder the terrain, the harder your body has to work to maintain an efficient rate of work.” This means that walking, hiking, or running on changing terrain (such as winding paths, sandy beaches, or even just hilly roads) is more challenging on your body than using an exercise machine. In addition, wind resistance and changing temperatures create fitness challenges (and benefits).

3. Outdoor Exercise may actually lower your risk of Injury.

Exercise on a machine involves repetitive motions that use the same muscles in the same way, which could lead to overuse injuries, according to the American Council on Exercise. According to the council, the constantly changing terrain works out different muscles in a variety of ways, which “can increase the strength of your connective tissue, which can assist you in avoiding certain injuries.”

4. You’ll Breathe fresher Air.

Whether you live in a big city or not doesn’t matter. Even in the largest and most industrialized cities, the air indoors is often more polluted than that outside, reports the Environmental Protection Agency. Plus, the outdoors smells better than a sweaty gym anyway.

5. Outdoor Exercise actually challenges your Mind.

It takes more than just your body to work out when you navigate tough terrain and are surrounded by outdoor stimuli. Experts say that the natural challenges you face when exercising outdoors can help you stay focused and present. This, in addition to getting in the zone, will also challenge your brain.

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