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The Best Alternative YouTube Apps for Android – Best YouTube Apps Android 2021

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Best YouTube Apps Android 2021: YouTube is now the world’s second grandest search engine, with over 1 billion hours of content watched every day. People will use Google applications to view YouTube content. In this article, we have curated a list of the best alternative YouTube Android apps that are out there that will help you gain the liberty and freedom you desire on YouTube.

So, without further ado, let’s get started on our list of the top YouTube alternatives there are out there in 2021.

Drawbacks of the YouTube app

Regrettably, there are several drawbacks to using the official app, such as the playing halting when you dismiss the app and the quantity of intrusive advertising presented on the YouTube app. If you want to avoid these concerns, you should consider YouTube app Replacements for iPhone and Android.

With YouTube robbing its users from useful features like the inability to play YouTube videos in the background, the crazy blitz of YouTube ads, and the inability to download YouTube videos, it’s no wonder that people are looking for YouTube’s alternatives.

YouTube | Google Developers

Pure Tuber!

Pure Tuber APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

Pure Tuber is an Android and IOS application that is gaining traction day by day. It’s not surprising that the application is gaining popularity every passing day as it encompasses a boatload of essential features and pros that the YouTube application is currently devoid of. If you’re thinking of replacing YouTube with something more powerful and stable, Pure Tuber should be your go-to application.

Listed below are some of the most distinguishing features of Pure Tuber that are definitely worth mentioning.

Play YouTube videos in the background

Pure Tuber also allows you to play YouTube videos in the background. This is a feature that YouTube users have been longing for a while now. Using Pure Tuber as your YouTube substitute, you can even play YouTube videos in pop-up mode. This feature proves extremely useful when you want to switch to another application on your mobile phone without stopping the YouTube video.

Using this feature, your YouTube video will continue to play in the background even if you toggle around tens and hundreds of applications. YouTube Premium allows this option but since the said option is on the costly side, it’s not feasible for everyone.

Synchronize your YouTube account

If you’re worried about losing all your YouTube data, playlists, subscriptions, history, and other stuff while switching to Pure Tuber, don’t worry! Pure Tuber has got that covered as well. All you need to do is log in to your YouTube account using Pure Tuber and VOILA!

Tube Master

Tube Master - Free Music Video Player for YouTube by Xian Hu

This app’s multitude of features makes it one of the greatest replacements to the YouTube app. Tube Master allows you to view videos whilst exploring billions of videos on the world’s biggest video network. This iOS-based software allows you to search for and view movies without logging in to your account, and it also allows you to modify the video playing speed so you may watch films in slow-mo. The Tube Master app allows you to create an endless number of playlists and reply to comments and messages in real-time.

YouTube ++

TopStore YouTube++ on iOS(iPhone/iPad) - No Jailbreak Required

The YouTube++ app is intended to make viewing and saving YouTube videos on your device a pleasurable and simple experience. Furthermore, it disables commercials, so you won’t have to wait for an ad to end before you can continue viewing a movie. Changing the video playing speed, forward and rewind controls, and auto-reply choices are just a few of the many handy features provided by the YouTube++ program. Additionally, while the program allows you to eliminate age restrictions, it only plays films in the default playing quality.

Is it legal to use YouTube mods?

Using mods for the YouTube application might very well be in the grey area, but to address the pressing question – no it is not illegal to use YouTube mods or substitutes for the YouTube app. This is because these mods are in no way altering YouTube’s algorithm, they are just working on your device to give you a trouble-free YouTube experience.

Ending Note

Now that you know about various YouTube app alternatives on Android, it’s time you make the switch and unlock the ultimate YouTube experience on your Android phone! All of these applications are totally free of cost, and you can download them pretty easily. So, what are you waiting for? Download the YouTube alternative of your choice and break free from YouTube’s restrictions.

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