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The Best Cruise Dinner in Dubai

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The Best Cruise Dinner in Dubai

Dubai is a great place to enjoy fine dining, cruising, and diving into the deep sea. You can also enjoy fishing activities and travelling to some great places.

If you’re looking to have a truly memorable experience in Dubai, don’t miss a trip on the Dhow Cruise! This is the perfect way to explore the city’s waterways, and it’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for first-timers.

Dhow cruises in Dubai are a great way to see the city and its surrounding creeks. The traditional wooden boat is also a special glass boat that sails under the stars in beautiful moonlight.

Along with this cruising, you enjoy a delicious buffet dinner, listening to Arabian music while cruising along the creek.

This is a thrilling experience, perfect for exploring Dubai’s fascinating waterways.

Your dinner cruise in Dubai Marina will be a delicious and relaxing way to enjoy a meal while taking in stunning views of the city.

You’ll enjoy a variety of seafood dishes, wine, and desserts while cruising along the waterways of Dubai.

We know how great it is to enjoy delicious cuisine and snacks at five-star resorts, but it’s time to try something new and unique.

Why not enjoy a sumptuous dhow cruise dinner in Dubai? It would be great for your loved ones to have a break from cooking on weekends or during special occasions. There’s no better way to enjoy Dubai than by taking a cruise on a dhow.

This unique experience lets you explore the city from a different perspective, and is perfect for couples and families. Plus, the sailing is a fun and relaxing way to spend a day.

The Dubai dhow is a beautiful, traditional boat that’s perfect for a romantic cruise. Every tour operator has their own unique way of decorating their boat, but all of them have beautiful traditional themes.

Plus, there are some modern boats out there as well, which is great because you can find whatever style you’re looking for. When it comes to dining, you can be sure that all of the tables on a dhow are made from hardy wood, like teak.

The expensive teak patio and indoor furniture may be worth the investment, but don’t forget about the amazing view and seating options available on sailing vessels.

Every boat has a unique and impressive decor, from the lower deck where you’ll feel like you’re in a royal palace.

You’ll be very impressed with the attention to detail and the feeling of luxury when you sit in one of these beautifully decorated areas.

We at Alexandra Sea Lounge want to make your trip to Dubai as perfect as possible.

Our courteous staff is always happy to serve you and will go out of their way to make your visit enjoyable. Our packages include unlimited drinks, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

If you want to take some great photos, we can always help. Our professional photographer will take your family picture in a perfect angle and you can be sure you’ll have a beautiful photo to remember your trip.

Types of dhow cruise Dubai

There are many different cruise dinner Dubai, but the best one is the one you choose- so make sure to take your time to finalize your choice.

The cruise travels on water for two hours, giving you the opportunity to explore all of the beauty and luxury of a cruise.

The Dhow Cruise in Marina offers stunning views of Dubai Marina residences, towering skyscrapers, the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina Yacht Club and the Burj Al Arab.

Dine out in Remote Ambiance

The dinner package offers guests unlimited soft drinks and tea, dinner and coffee, plus access to toilet facilities, air-conditioned decks, and safety precautions.

The wooden dhows are fully insured, and this two-hour cruise is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy some magical moments with a healthy dose of entertainment. You can board the cruise from the Dubai Marina Promenade, located behind the lotus Marina.

There’s nothing quite like a delicious cruise dinner Dubai– it’s a unique way to enjoy a special meal, and it’s perfect for tourists from all over the world.

Their cruise ship has been specially tailored to meet the needs of these diverse visitors, with a variety of delicious foods and beverages available for your enjoyment.

Why not book a cruise today and experience the wonderful world of dining on a luxury cruise ship for you?

They have a variety of cuisines, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, as well as delicious chicken and mutton BBQ dishes. Plus, their dhow environment is very peaceful and romantic, with moonlight and cool breezes blowing all around you.

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