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Best Flight Booking Site for Cheap Prices in Iran 2023

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Best Flight Booking Site for Cheap Prices in Iran 2023

Do you have a vacation coming up and are you thinking of traveling to Iran? Looking for a way to book a cheap flight and buy the cheapest ticket to your destination? We make the way easy and fast for you. Flytoday, as the best flight booking site in Iran, helps you to get the ticket you want easily. This best flight search engine supports you in your journey with its unique features. is the largest, most reliable and cheapest flight booking website in Iran. It offers its customers the best services for buying domestic and international plane tickets and airport transfers all over the world with the latest and online technologies.

Flytoday operates with the aim of providing the fastest and best up-to-date services, selling the cheapest tickets, satisfying customers and the most comprehensive online reservation services. Moreover, you can purchase last minute tickets. It’s extremely convenient to compare all offers and flight services of different airlines and find what you are looking for just by a few clicks.

With access to reliable airlines and all flights, both, foreign and domestic flights of Iran, by providing immediate and competitive prices to users, during its years of operation, Flytoday has always been able to be the leader in selling the cheapest plane tickets.


How to book flight with Flytoday?

First you should go to the Choose a domestic or international flight in the flight ticket section of the Flytoday website. According to your need for a one-way or round-trip flight, specify the origin and destination of the trip. Also specify the date of departure and return.

By selecting the number of passengers (adult, child, infant) and flight class from the drop-down menu and clicking flight search, all the airlines flying at the desired time will be displayed next to their cost. One of the special features of the Flytoday site is that it is possible to sort flights based on the cheapest, fastest, best experience, earliest departure time, and latest departure time of the airline.

In the information of each flight, the amount of baggage you can take with you, rules, and price details are specified. After selecting the desired flight, you can easily book your desired flight online by clicking on the “buy ticket” option and filling in your personal information and paying Riyals پ via Shetab cards.

Another key service that makes Flytoday the best flight booking site is the possibility of a price calendar. By specifying the origin and destination and your requested return date, the cheapest flights around your desired date will be displayed.

Flight classes in Flytoday:

The most significant difference in the cost of flight tickets is the amenities available on the plane, which you should keep in mind. With the change and evolution of the aviation and flight industry, different types of flight class have been created. By paying more, you can have more comfort and services during your trip. There are different flight classes in Flytoday, which are as follows:

First flight class

 This flight class is the most expensive flight class. Therefore, the services provided to you during the trip are more than other classes. In this class, you will have a private cabin and it has very comfortable seats that can be converted into beds. The seat of this flight class is like a cubicle. Passengers can sleep comfortably during the day. A screen, satellite internet, laptop, several soft pillows, special bathroom, the highest quality food and drinks, luxurious lounge waiting room and etc. are some of the first-class facilities. Airlines provide different facilities for passengers of this class according to their conditions and location.

Business flight class

 Business flight class (commercial) offers medium-level facilities to its passengers. In this flight class, less amenities and services are offered to passengers than in the first flight class. The seats in the middle part of the plane belong to business class flights. Business class also has an airport transfer. Adequate audio and video facilities are provided to the passengers of this flight class. Quality food and drinks are served for passengers of this flight class.

Premium Economy Flight Class

 Between Business Class and Economy Class, another flight class called Premium Economy is available to passengers. The facilities and services of premium economy flight class are less than business class and more than economy class. The price of the premium economy plane ticket is higher than the economy flight, but it is cheaper compared to the first class and business tickets.

Economy flight class

 Economy flight class, as its name suggests, offers the least services and amenities and has the lowest price accordingly. Economy is one of the most common flight classes. In this class of flight, you should not expect very special service or services. People who want to have a cost-effective trip and do not care about flight facilities usually use this class. The distance between the seats is less than in other classes. Food and drinks are standard economy flights.

After determining the origin, destination and date of your trip, activate the option “Notify the last prices” and entering your email address, get to know the latest price offers for buying plane tickets.

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Important filters that make Flytoday as the best flight booking site

The system filter is related to the purchase of system tickets. System tickets are tickets that the airline sells directly. These tickets are refundable. Usually, the price of system tickets is fixed and higher than charter tickets. But in the days close to the flight time, the system ticket price sometimes fluctuates. With the last-minute discount of the system ticket, its price will be lower than usual which is suitable for those who look for cheap flights.

The charter filter is related to the purchase of seat tickets that an airline has rented for a period of time. Charter ticket rates are determined by travel agencies and can be much more flexible. The price of these tickets is variable and usually lower than system tickets.

System and charter tickets are different in terms of price and they are not different in terms of service quality.

Select the non-stop option in the departure and return stops filter. Filter airlines that exist according to your destination, time, taste and opinion. Outbound and return flight number filter that can be applied. The airport box can be selected to choose the place you want.

The travel time option can be selected to go back and forth in the specified time period. The landing time box can be selected for round trips in the specified time period. The price filter is determined according to the time of ticket purchase until the day of the flight and according to the conditions specified by you. You determine this amount according to the budget you set for your flight.

How To Find Cheap Flights Tips Guides

Important tips to reserve cheap flights with Flytoday

• The best time to book cheap international flight tickets is 7 weeks before the travel time.

• The best time to book cheap tickets for flights inside Iran is 2-3 weeks before the travel time.

• The best time to buy a charter ticket is a few weeks before till one or two days before the travel time.

• The cheapest price for booking plane tickets is mid-week and low-passenger seasons of the year (off-season).

Advantages of this international flight booking website

• Having a dedicated panel to book cheap flights

• 100% coverage of flights inside Iran and outside Iran

• Selling plane tickets from the most reliable airlines

• Guarantee the best price of plane tickets

• High accuracy, speed and high security in buying plane tickets

• Payment via Shetab card when buying plane tickets

• The possibility of online ticket refund

• 24-hour support from Flytoday’s professional team on all days of the week, even on holidays

In this article, you got to know the best flight booking site in Iran and its facilities to find cheap flights. Flytoday’s online reservation service provides customers with the opportunity to search and compare services by saving time. it helps you to book cheap flights online.

Flytoday covers 100% of flights within Iran and cooperates with more than 900 airlines around the world, ready to provide the best services to you, dear customers. There are reputable foreign websites like Booking and Expedia, Curie to book cheap flights. By using these sites, you can choose the ticket you want for a pleasant and ideal trip and enjoy your trip.


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