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Thailand Approves Covid-19 Travel Insurance for High Risk Tourists

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The Thai insurance regulator has approved Covid-19 travel insurance coverage for foreigners entering Thailand, including those from high-risk countries. To buy a policy, foreigners must have a certificate of entry. A Fit to Fly Health or Fit to Travel health certificate; and a medical certificate confirming they tested free of Covid-19 via the RT-PCR method 72 hours prior to departure.

Suthipol Taweechaikarn, secretary-general of the Insurance Commission, revealed today that he had approved the insurance for foreigners at a premium rate on August 28.

The policies will be also sold online Asia One reports. They will become valid as soon as the traveller passes through Immigration in Thailand.

Thailand Insurance Coverage will be divided into two parts:

  • 1. In cases of death caused by Covid-19, the company will pay benefits/compensation for the cost of the funeral and repatriation of remains equal to Bt 3.2 million (S$140,000).
  • 2. For medical treatment related to Covid-19, the company will pay benefits or compensation of up to Bt3.2 million.

Premiums will cover periods of 30 days up to one year and be priced according to the Covid-19 risk in the country of origin.

Travellers from low-risk countries will pay between Bt1,600 and Bt 4,400.

Those from moderate-risk countries will pay between Bt2,560 and Bt23,040.

Those from high-risk countries will pay between Bt4,800 and Bt43,200.

These rates also include stamp duty and tax.

The policies will be offered jointly by the following 12 insurance firms:

Dhipaya Travel Insurance, Bangkok Insurance, Chubb Samaggi Insurance, Navakij Insurance, Thaivivat Insurance, Pacific Cross Health Insurance, The Falcon Insurance, Mittare Insurance, Muang Thai Insurance, Viriyah Insurance, Syn Mun Kong Insurance, Southeast Insurance, Asia Insurance 1950, Bangkok Life Assurance, Muang Thai Life Assurance, and also Ocean Life Insurance.

Thailand’s record of going more than 100 days without a local covid-19 case ended after a prison inmate tested positive for covid-19.  He was found infected with the virus on Wednesday and the announcement was made on Thursday. It ended a 100-day streak without any new local infections.

Thailand’s health department also announced confirmation of three other new cases of Covid-19 on Friday. The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration said the four new cases took the overall  tally to 3,431. With no new fatalities since June 2, the death toll remained at 58.

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