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Summer Storm Warnings Issued for Northern, Northeastern Thailand



summer storms

The Thai Meteorological Department has issued a warning of summer storms in northern and northeastern Thailand. From March 3-5, a high pressure system from China will blanket upper Thailand.

A high pressure system from China will move over upper Thailand as of Tuesday. Above all where hot weather prevails. As a result, there will be summer storms in this part of the country.

Outbreaks of thunderstorms, accompanied by rain, lightning, gusty winds and hail are foretasted. They will first hit the Northeast and the East on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The lower North, the East and the Central regions, including Bangkok, will be similarly affected on Wednesday and Thursday. People are advised to stay away from dilapidated structures and farmers to beware of possible damage to crops.

Meteorological Department also confirmed that Thailand had entered summer on February 29, 2020. With the temperature rising almost everywhere in Thailand. Even more continuously hot weather during the day. It is expected that summer this year will end in mid-May 2020.

This summer’s unusually hot weather is already causing droughts, summer storms and forest fires. Experts predict that Thailand’s 2020 summer will be “irregularly” hot and characterized by an extended drought.

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