Will Mobile Apps Increase The Use Of Betting Offers?
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Will Mobile Apps Increase the Use of Betting Offers?



Will Mobile Apps Increase the Use of Betting Offers?

With the majority of people having access to both a smartphone and the internet, betting has never been easier. From the bookies to the smartphone app, betting companies have managed to situate themselves in front of the user wherever they are and this only spells good news for both the bookie and you.

Push notifications, in-game activity, and greater convenience are all winning features of mobile betting apps that make sports betting a more exhilarating experience but will this increase the use of betting offers?

Mobile betting apps are no new thing, but the value of their push notifications is improving at a rapid rate to match the needs of their users. Push notifications have been a great way of advertising offers for betting companies and inviting users to explore available bets on the platform.

By sending you personal notifications, for example, betting apps are able to remind you when your favorite team is next playing and what the odds are. It has never been easier or more convenient to place bets that you’re interested in, saving you time scrolling through betting sites and giving you more time to get ready for the game.

But will push notifications to enhance the likelihood of users engaging in offers? The answer is absolute; betting companies are able to leverage data on their mobile app activity to know at what times their users are most likely to bet.

This means that as more and more people use mobile apps as their go-to platform for betting, the more likely it is that companies will push out their offers to their mobile app users.

Betting Experience

But the betting experience doesn’t end at the start of the game; another great feature of mobile betting apps is their ability to be with you in real-time during the game.

By being by your side as your staked events unfold, betting apps are able to monitor how you’re doing bet-wise, and let you know immediately; they’ll let you know the scores of the game as they happen, but they’ll also give you an opportunity to recover or maximize your payout and these are the offers that are the most exciting.

We’ve all felt the sting of a bet that hasn’t paid off, but mobile betting apps are giving us the opportunity of a second chance – to get back into the game and have another shot at winning.

Next in store for mobile betting is the growth of social betting platforms for you to share your bets and offers with friends and collectively place bets on games together. Betting companies like William Hill and SkyBet have been trialing ‘crowd-powered bets’ where the price rises as the number of people involved in the bet rise, encouraging users to share bets and get more people involved.

Standalone social betting apps are on the rise too, with players such as BetBull offering a social media-esque interface for bets and tipsters, and the Bookee app brings a tinder-like interface to the betting scene.

Users being able to access more betting offers has clearly been a goal of betting companies leveraging the convenience features of mobile apps. Better personalization, effortless notification, and increased shareability are all features of mobile betting apps that encourage

users to engage with offers more and with advanced learning algorithms alongside the uptake of social betting, these trends are only going to go up.

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