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Why Do People Record a Transcript and What Is Good About It?

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Why Do People Record a Transcript and What Is Good About It?

Why Do People Record a Transcript and What Is Good About It? –  Have you ever had that inexplicable feeling when you realize you still have time to finish your task?

This is not an uncommon sensation, as it can come from adhering to a well-researched digital plan.

As a content creator, it’s essential to create clear objectives and the strategies you need to take to achieve them.

One way you can make your work more accessible as a content creator is by leveraging the power of audio transcription.

A transcript is a written text file of an audio or video recording. There are plenty of good reasons why you would want to transcribe your content into text.

Chief among them is the fact that it can increase the visibility of your content online. Recorded content has increased exponentially in the past decade.

Some of the most notable platforms for content creators include but are not limited to iTunes and audiobooks.

Admittedly, sometimes it’s great to just have the option to read texts rather than listen to an audio recording.

If you’re still not convinced, try listening to audio while in the middle of a heavily taxing activity. Or, alternatively, try hearing your favorite podcast while at work when you don’t have your headphones.

The main point is that you may miss out on a large audience if you only create audio recordings.

Top 4 Reasons to Transcribe Audio to Text

You can obtain countless benefits as a content creator when you make your content available in written format. In this section, we’ll dissect the four main reasons for having your audio content converted into text.

1. Transcripts Improve Accessibility

While some people prefer reading to listening, it’s important to note that there are approximately 35 million in the US alone with hearing disabilities. You may be missing out on a large potential audience if you focus solely on producing audio content.

If you aim to reach as many people as possible (which is the goal of every content creator), then you wouldn’t want to skip on this vital post-production step to help you achieve your goals.

When you take your time to include texts in your transcripts, you’re telling your audience that you care for them enough to provide high-quality services and exceed their expectations.

2. Transcription Can Boost SEO Search Rankings

Transcribing audio to text can help more Google users discover your content via a quick search.

Google bots can also read and understand your content better in text format.

Moreover, Google may not recommend recorded interviews, radio segments, or webinars with no transcripts.

Having your audible content transformed into text is paramount for appearing under Google’s search results.

This strategy will allow new users to discover your content quickly, including audiences looking for relevant content.

Transcription will make it easy for your audience to discover your content via an organic search rapidly.

If you care about search rankings and SEO, you will want to make your content easily discoverable by Google to attract a bigger audience.

3. You Can Repurpose Your Transcripts

Your audio recordings can serve as inspiration to enhance your content production strategies.

They are reservoirs that can help create more content down the line.

You can work your podcast into an infographic, guide, or blog post. Whip up new content to maximize your efforts.

Below are some fun ways you to repurpose your transcripts:

  • Transform it into a blog post

Did you host a webinar? Did you make a speech at a board meeting?

How about turning your session into a blog post with a well-written transcript?

This creative strategy will position you as an authority in your industry and enable you to spread your critical ideas to your audience.

  • Create an infographic

Sometimes, we don’t want to listen to an hour-long podcast. How about you offer your listeners an alternative?

You can simplify your podcast into an infographic with key points.

  • Simplify it into an email campaign

After creating your podcast, order your transcript and use the best takeaways from that audio to create emails for clients in your niche.

  • Work it into a guide

If your organization regularly hosts training sessions, you can use the recordings of those sessions and create a guide for your co-workers. You may include FAQs to remind the team of the training policies.

  • Be active on social media

Social media has made it easy for content creators to share their ideas with their audience.

You can create tweetable quotes to promote your content on Twitter.

It’s implausible that someone will accurately type a specific quote from your recordings and share it on social media.

However, they may copy and paste one of your quotes that they find in your transcripts and share it with their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram followers.

If you already have an audience on Twitter, ensure that the same language style exists on Facebook.

Don’t use colloquialisms or slang in one place and then not use them in the other; both are inconsistent with your brand image and will only serve to confuse your customers.

Your content should be professional but friendly, with words like “please” and “thank you.”

4. Increase Shares With the Use of Transcripts

As more people discover your content online, it goes without saying that they may feel the need to share it if it provides value.

Furthermore, people will likely engage with well-transcribed audio. Creating the correct transcripts will motivate your audience to share your ideas with others on social media.

However, ensure you offer your audience the correct podcast transcript so they don’t misquote you.


The most significant benefit of transforming your recording to a transcript is that you don’t have to go back to what you said, check if it was accurate, or take out parts you want to change.

You can send your speech audio file to a company like GoTranscript for them to create a word-for-word transcript based on your audio file.

GoTranscript works in tandem with highly skilled workers who are well-versed in delivering accurate transcripts.

You will never go wrong ordering transcription services from this company.

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