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Boris Johnson Drops Out of Leadership Race for No 10 Downing Street



Boris Johnson Drops Out of Leadership Race

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dropped out of the race to become Britain’s next leader on Sunday, claiming he had enough legislative backing to go to the next round but considerably less than former finance minister Rishi Sunak.

“There is a very good prospect that I would be successful with Conservative Party members in the election – and that I could indeed be back in No 10 Downing Street on Friday,” Johnson said in a statement.

“But, unhappily, I’ve come to the decision that this is simply not the correct thing to do in the last few days. You cannot govern effectively until your party is united in parliament.”

Johnson, who never formally launched his candidacy to return to No 10 Downing Street, has spent the weekend attempting to persuade Conservative legislators to back him, and he claimed 102 of them on Sunday.

He needed 100 votes by Monday to go to the next stage, which would have pitted him against Sunak in a vote of the UK’s Conservative Party members.

Sunak, resigned as finance minister in July aided in Johnson’s demise, had cleared the threshold of 100 lawmakers needed to advance to the next level on Sunday, according to Reuters.

He will be named Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister on Monday unless nominee Penny Mordaunt receives 100 votes to force a run-off vote among party members. On Sunday, she had 24 avowed supporters.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson backs away from Sunak

Meanwhile, Lord Frost, a former minister for Brexit and close associate of Boris Johnson, urged his party colleagues to support Mr. Sunak.

The Conservative peer tweeted: “Boris Johnson will forever be revered as a hero for achieving Brexit.

“However, we must proceed. It is unethical to risk a repetition of the chaos and disarray of the previous year.

“The Conservative Party must support a capable leader who can implement a conservative agenda. That is Rishi Sunak.

“As I stated in July, (Rishi) would be an exceptionally competent prime minister. He comprehends the issues, can operate the machine and is a wonderful individual. He would bring about a significant shift in ‘feel’ from the Boris years.’

“That is what we require now. Let’s get behind Rishi.”

Mr. Sunak received the support of his predecessor as chancellor, Sajid Javid, who endorsed Ms. Truss in the previous election and Mr. Johnson in 2019.

Mr. Javid stated that Mr. Sunak possesses the “values our party needs” to “move on from previous mistakes.”

Former minister Johnny Mercer supported him, stating that he could not put himself or his constituents through another Johnson administration given the “awful” lows of the last one.

“Boris is my friend, I adore him, and he’s a fantastic individual, but I don’t think I can put myself through that again. I do not believe I am able to ask my constituents or my employees to, “He stated on the BBC Radio 4 PM show.

“I adore Boris, and he has incredible talents for this country, but it is time for serious, competent, straightforward, and values-based leadership.”

BBC Reports Boris Johnson Abandons Leadership Race

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