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Using Pokemon Go’s Halloween Costume Trick, Players Can Catch Gengar Outside Of Raids

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Using Pokemon Go's Halloween Costume Trick, Players Can Catch Gengar Outside Of Raids

(CTN News) – The second part of Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2022 event brought with it the addition of some Research Tasks as well as a brand new costumed Pokemon for trainers to capture.

As part of the Spooky Festival event, certain Pokemon Go’s like Vulpix, Pumpkaboo, and Gengar received brand new seasonal costumes. Gengar, in particular, was apparently only available during Raid Battles using the Spooky Festival costume.

In spite of this, it appears some trainers have discovered a way of catching Spooky Festival Gengar very rarely outside of Raid Battles. This may be the result of a trick they have figured out.

In Pokemon Go’s, a player finds a Halloween gengar outside of a raid

As a user from the Pokemon Go’s subreddit named shiftycharaexe demonstrated this trick by posting a picture to the subreddit, he was able to demonstrate it in action using Daily Adventure Incense.

There is a screenshot in which you can see that a wild Spooky Festival Gengar is about to be caught. It is about to be caught with the Daily Incense icon above its nameplate, showing that it is about to be caught.

Even though the chances of encountering this special Gengar through incense are extremely low,

It is certainly helpful to know that trainers don’t have to rely solely on Three-Star Raids in order to find them.


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