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Users Of ChatGPT Can Now Benefit From OpenAI’s ‘Custom Instructions’



Users Of ChatGPT Can Now Benefit From OpenAI's 'Custom Instructions'

(CTN News) – OpenAI’s custom instructions feature, initially available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, has now been made available to all users.

ChatGPT now offers the ability for users to provide specific instructions, eliminating the need to provide instructions at the beginning of each conversation.

By adding descriptions to ChatGPT settings, users can customize and calibrate AI responses. Discover how users are utilizing this feature in more detail.

The ChatGPT Experience Can Be Customized

ChatGPT profiles on desktop and iOS now have custom instructions as a setting. This setting applies to all conversations and saves users from having to repeat instructions each time they chat. Users can specify how ChatGPT should respond by filling out the fields in Chat GPT settings.

The settings page contains two fields for entering custom instructions. Users are asked to tell ChatGPT something about themselves in the first field. ChatGPT even suggests questions like “Where do you live? ” “What do you do for a living?”
The second field asks users how they would like Chat GPT to respond. It is possible for users to specify whether they prefer a formal or casual tone from ChatGPT, as well as whether they wish for it to express an opinion about various topics or remain neutral.

As a result of this level of customization, users are able to shape their interactions with Chat GPT according to their preferences.

Application of custom instructions in a variety of settings

A new world of possibilities opens up for users with the introduction of custom instructions. The feature has a variety of practical applications, as well as some that are more unusual. Here are a few examples:

1. A ChatGPT user shared a Chat GPT text output that appeared to demonstrate “mildly disallowed behavior” when the custom instruction was set to 1,500 repetitions of the letter “a” and an incomplete sentence. A known token repetition hack was highlighted by this unconventional use.

2. ChatGPT’s accuracy and effectiveness have been enhanced by using custom instructions. Users have been able to achieve more precise and relevant responses from AI by providing specific instructions.

3. Literary Challenges: Some users have taken advantage of creative abilities. According to one user, Chat GPT was presented with a complex literary challenge as a result of a custom instruction.

As a result, the AI has demonstrated its versatility and the ability to adapt to a variety of tasks.

Privacy and Usage Policies at OpenAI

Users can rest assured that OpenAI will not use instructions that violate its usage policies. In any case, it is important to note that OpenAI may use the information provided in the custom instructions if the user opts in to saving their chat history.

It is possible for users to opt-out of saving their chat history in order to protect their personal information.

OpenAI has chosen to introduce customization through personal details and requests, while some users might have preferred more generic presets with simple yes or no functionality.

In the context of ChatGPT’s custom instruction era, users should be mindful of their data privacy and understand how their personal information may be used.


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