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Top 9 Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2022

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Top 9 Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2022

Your search ends here! In this digital competitive era, the market is flooded with numerous mobile app development platforms to work on. As mobile app are trending everywhere to outstand your business from the crowd.

Every business these days comes with an idea to convert into reality by developing unique mobile apps.

A large amount of ideas means a huge amount of needs to be fulfilled. And to fulfill those needs, dedicated technologies are required to create your dream application.

It’s very easy to choose a framework if you very well know what you want to develop.

As there are a large variety of framing options available, confusion is normal. That’s why we have collected this list comprising top mobile app development frameworks to sort it out for you.

Let’s get started to know the list!

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks


Flutter is a popular open-source and free framework developed by Google through which you can develop Android and iOS applications. Its phenomenal SDK for creating cross-platform applications makes it a different and well-known framework.

This precise mobile app development service has widgets, a rendering engine, and integrating and debugging APIs. You can develop stunning apps very quickly using Flutter.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can easily get appealing visuals.
  • The development speed is phenomenal.
  • It offers you strong widget support with such a high performance.

Some applications developed by Flutter are Google Pay, Google Ads, and Reflectly.


The next choice on the list is a Microsoft-owned open-source framework ‘Xamarin’ that is well used to develop Android and iOS apps.

It is based on C#, so you will need fewer lines of code. That means you can do quick development of software.

You can easily and rapidly transfer the scripts across different systems.

You can control the communication between the shared code and underlying platform code through an abstraction layer.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can easily get the feel and look of a native-like app.
  • Good compatibility with various devices.
  • It offers functionalities of Android SDK manager and application loader.

Some applications developed by Xamarin are Tube Mate, Azure

React Native

React Native is developed by Facebook and has become so popular in a short time span. You can seamlessly develop cross-platform applications using React Native.

You can use a single code base for various platforms using this framework. This budget-friendly and quick-to-developed apps framework is very good to use for start-ups.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can easily reuse the components.
  • You can get good compatibility with third-party extensions.
  • It offers declarative APIs for predictive UI.

Some applications developed by React Native are Tesla, Skype, Instagram


The next pick on the list is Ionic, a good framework to develop Progressive web apps, hybrid, and cross-platform applications.

The platform is based on Apache Cordova and Angular to let developers easily make the applications.

Developers can use several UI elements like filters, views, forms, and action sheets while designing the app.

You can also deploy your applications to different locations if you are developing via Ionic.

Some Potential Features:

  • Consistent user interface.
  • A good and strong developer community support.
  • You can completely control the app building.

Some Mobile app developed using Ionic are Sworkit, Diesel, and MarketWatch.


Swiftic is another mobile app development framework specially designed for iOS software.

It is a do-it-yourself kind of platform which makes application development so easy and quick.

Developers can integrate material from the internet rather than starting from scratch. The platform offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee option.

Some Potential Features:

  • Very simple-to-use interface.
  • Navigation is so easy and smooth.
  • You can get easy integration with other parties.
  • Advanced analytics assistance.

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova, previously known as PhoneGap is a user-friendly cross-development framework.

It helps to develop software based on CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript.

If you using this framework, you can use various smartphone physical features like GPS, Cameras, accelerometers, etc to give a native-like feel.

You can use this building approach with a single code base. There is a large community of developers to support your solutions.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can streamline the development procedure.
  • Command Line Interface and support of Cordova plugins.
  • You can easily access the native device API.

Some applications developed using Apache Cordova are SparkChess and Untappd.

Native Script

If you want to reduce the load time and cut down the development time of the app, then go for the Native Script framework developed by Progress to build applications.

It is based on Angular, Typescript, CSS, Javascript, and Vue.js.

It is preferred by many big organizations because it offers features like backend support, business support, and full access to Android and iOS APIs.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can have a native user interface that too without webviews.
  • Huge backend support.
  • Integration of actionable plugins and personalization options.

Some applications developed by using Native Script are BitPoints Wallet, Dwitch, and Workbox.

jQuery Mobile

The next pick is a hybrid app development framework ‘jQuery Mobile’ that helps to develop platform-independent applications.

It uses a combination of Javascript and HTML to create web applications to work on different platforms.

You can build highly responsive software for desktops, smartphones as well as tablets.

You can use highly customizable and configurable themes through ThemeRoller.

Some Potential Features:

  • The size is very lightweight.
  • Automatic initialization and simple APIs.
  • Touch-optimized.
  • You can use accessibility-rich internet applications.

Some applications developed by using jQuery Mobile are Slideshare, Dodge, and OpenTable.


Framework7 is the latest version of the vue.js Javascript library which is a very simple-to-use platform.

Developers can easily create native-like applications with this open-source framework.

Its distinctive UI elements and ease of use make it very popular among developers.

Framework7 provides additional support for React, Vue.js, and Svelte. You don’t have much need to write code by yourself as it provides over 200 elements.

Some Potential Features:

  • Default grid system layout and helper libraries.
  • It offers pre-style widgets.
  • Flexible router API.
  • Easy to maintain.

Some applications developed by using Framework7 are Hafla, Lasso, and RabbitMail.

Closing Thoughts

That’s all for this blog!

Selecting an appropriate app development framework is crucial as there are numerous options available all around.

All the above-discussed frameworks are popular in the market with such a distinct set of features.

Each one of these options is capable of listing at the top. You just need to choose the best one as per your requirements.

Hope you had a good read!

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