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Telegram Now Works Without a SIM Card



Telegram Now Works Without a SIM Card

(CTN News) – Like WhatsApp, Telegram requires a phone number to sign up for the service, which is linked to your account once you have signed up.

In spite of the fact that the most popular communication app for Android allows you to hide your phone number from other users, privacy-conscious folks might not be comfortable with this.

As part of the latest release of Telegram’s app, you will be able to create an account without needing a SIM card, which changes this tradition.

Telegram users can now take advantage of blockchain-powered numbers from the Fragment platform when they sign up for a new account.

For those who wish to obtain an anonymous number, they will need to pay a fee. This fee can be used only for signing up for the messaging service.

In any case, if you truly care about your privacy and do not wish your Telegram account to be linked to your actual mobile number, this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you will receive.

It is possible to create a temporary QR code for sharing your profile on social media. Anyone who scans the code will be able to add you to their contact list without knowing your telephone number on the messaging service. This is because they have scanned the code.

There is another new feature that has been included in Telegram v9.2 which is the ability to auto-delete conversations.

Messages containing self-destructing content have been available on the platform since 2013, but there was no ability to delete all your existing chats at regular intervals on a regular basis.

You can now set up a self-destruct timer and select which chats are to be auto-delete after a certain amount of time with the Auto-Delete option.

With Telegram v9.2, Topics are now available to groups with 100 or more members, up from 200 members under Telegram v9.1. By using Topics, admins have the option of setting aside a portion of the group for a common subject that members are interested in.

In Telegram, for example, a school group might have a gaming topic in which all game-related conversations can take place, for example.

As a result, we will be able to keep group chats with hundreds of members more organized and manageable. By default, Telegram creates groups with a default topic that will be accessible by all members of the group, which is called ‘General’.

Every group has the ability to have up to five topics that can be pinned to its homepage, and admins can rename or hide them if they wish.

As part of Telegram’s aggressive anti-spam mode, groups with more than 200 members will now be able to fight spam more effectively than ever before.

In order to ensure that spam messages are kept to a minimum, this feature automatically enables automated spam filters.

As part of Telegram 9.2, Android users will find some more goodies to enjoy.

It is now possible to see how much space each conversation takes up on your device by visiting the Storage Usage page on your device, which has been redesigned.

It is also possible to clear the media files of individual chats from your phone’s cache to free up some storage space by clearing them from the phone’s cache.

As a Telegram premium user, you now have the option of using 10 more emoji packs. These are emoji packs that you can use in your Telegram messages to better express who you are.

Aside from the new interactive emoji with full-screen effects introduced in the update, there are also additional new interactive emoji.

In addition to these new features, Telegram 9.2 includes a number of other minor improvements which you can read about in the official announcement.


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