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Spotify’s Lossless Audio May Be Coming Soon (For Real This Time)

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Spotify's Lossless Audio May Be Coming Soon (For Real This Time)

(CTN News) – Spotify announced in 2021 that Spotify was bringing lossless audio to its platform in the near future. Today, it has been over a year since the feature was first introduced to the service, and it is still missing.

There are new strings of code, however, that seem to suggest Spotify could be gearing up to finally give its users the listening experience they’ve been waiting for for a long time.

A few weeks ago, strings of code hinted that Spotify may introduce a new, more costly subscription tier called “Supremium.”

According to the code, the plan would offer features like mixing tools, playlists created by AI, and 24-bit lossless audio quality. According to Reddit user Hypixely, Spotify has since removed any reference to Supremium from the app and has replaced it with something called “Music Pro” as a replacement for the original name.

This Reddit user was able to find a piece of code that describes Music Pro as an optional addition rather than a separate plan in the code that they found.

The Music Pro subscription will therefore be able to be tacked on to your existing subscription for a fee that has yet to be decided.

There is a code that you can view in this Imgur link, which lays out Spotify’s plans for Hi-Fi in a very straightforward way. “Lossless has arrived,” “Take control of your Lossless listening,” and “Your favorite music will sound as if it were digitally recorded in 16-bit and 24-bit high fidelity.” are some of the things that it mentions.

I have also discovered that there is the possibility of a feature that optimizes the sound of the headphones. As part of this feature, you would need to “select an exact match” in order for Optimize to work correctly.

Therefore, if you have a supported brand, you would be able to take advantage of this feature if you have it supported.

The code seems to indicate that Apple AirPods are one of the supported models, according to the fact that it is explicitly mentioned in the code.

Getting back to the AI-created playlists, Spotify announced the availability of AI playlists for its Premium subscribers back on April 7. Users in the UK and Australia are currently able to access the beta version of the feature.


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